Saturday, July 24, 2010

MCFL's Disturbing Conduct

Early in the race for Governor, several grassroots prolifers contacted me to tell me that MCFL was telling people Tim Cahill was "prolife".    

I went to Cahill's website, went to the "issues" tab and under abortion was his position:

"I believe in and support a women's right to choose. I also believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.
I circulated it and that was the end of the matter until early this week when prolifers received MCFL's "endorsement".

Given Cahill has been front and center on his proabortion convictions, I was shocked by the veracity of MCFL's claim that Tim was an "outstanding advocate for the unborn".

"Here we go again!", I thought to myself.

It was my intention to find the proabortion link on Cahill's website this weekend and do a post comparing it to MCFL's Tim Cahill prolife screed.

I've been playing phone tag with prolife leaders in Massachusetts until today when one of them told me he tried to find "abortion" under the "issues" link on Cahill's site and couldn't find anything about Cahill's position on abortion.   

I looked myself, and sure enough, it's gonzo.  

Red Mass Group confirms  that Cahill's abortion position was scrubbed from the website in concert with MCFL's claim that Cahill "holds prolife positions on all aspects of the issue".

MCFL State PAC Endorses Tim Cahill for Governor

Boston- Madeline McComish, Chairman of MCFL State Political Action Committee, today announced that the MCFL State PAC has endorsed State Treasurer, Tim Cahill, for Governor in the November election. 
Tim Cahill will be an outstanding advocate for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.  He will bring commonsense solutions to protecting their rights and their lives.  Cahill holds pro-life positions on all aspects of the issue, from abortion funding to informed consent, to partial birth abortion and parental consent. Very important also is his opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide which is currently being proposed in the state legislature, according to McComish.

She added, Currently pro-life people across the state are collecting signatures to repeal Obamacare.  They welcome Tim Cahills pledge to opt out of the abortion funding in Obamacare.  People remember that Cahill was the first to point out that Romneycare in Massachusetts will go bankrupt in four years, thus subjecting everyone in the state to rationing and denial of care.  The other gubernatorial candidates have publicly stated their support for the pro-choiceposition.  In other words, they support abortion and take anti-life positions on the other life issues." 

MCFL State PAC is in the process of contacting pro-life people across the state and will mobilize more than 100,000 activists in Massachusetts in support of Cahill.  For more information about MCFL State PAC, please visit,
Very disturbing.

MCFL is getting out in front of their endorsements of proaborts and scrubbing and hiding their proabortion convictions.   

Equally disturbing is their promise to get out 100,000 for Cahill while they have done nothing for real prolife candidates who are running in the State (for positions other than Governor).  

MCFL sanitizes proaborts so they can get out the vote for them and is doing bupkis for real prolife candidates.


I wanted to share my exchange with Anne Fox  to get clarification on what transpired from MCFL.

At 08:55 AM 7/25/2010 -0400, I wrote:

"I believe in and support a women's right to choose. I also believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare"  ~ Tim Cahill

"Tim Cahill will be outstanding advocate for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.  He will bring commonsense solutions to protecting their rights and their lives.  Cahill holds pro-life positions on all aspects of the issue..." ~ MCFL


I note that Tim Cahill's proabortion position has been taken down from his website in concert with MCFL's glowing endorsement that he is an outstanding advocate for the unborn.  (The evidence is documented on Red Mass Group)

Would you kindly divulge what conversations anyone at MCFL had with Tim Cahill that resulted in the removal of his proabortion position from his website?

Thank you, Carol McKinley   

-----Original Message-----

From: Anne Fox 

Subject: Re: MCFL's endorsement of Tim Cahill

Carol, the endorsement is by the MCFL State PAC which is an entirely different entity from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  If you go to their web site, I believe they have the information that interests you.

I wrote: 

Mass Citizens for Life created the PAC to carry out the political action necessary to help elect MCFL's candidates.  That is how the entity structure of every political action initiative works.  They are you and you are they.
If MCFL takes the position that their PAC is not MCFL so that the announcement from MCFL's PAC that Tim is an outstanding advocate for the unborn and holds prolife positions on all aspects of 'the issue' and the mysterious disappearance of Tim Cahill's proabortion position from his website have nothing to do with MCFL - the intellectual dishonesty of that position takes my breath away.
What are the names of MCFL's people who were the architects of MCFL's statement on Tim's position and the disappearance of Tim's actual position on his website?
Thanks, Carol


Again, I don't have any problem with saying "Out of the three proabortion candidates, MCFL would encourage you to vote for Tim Cahill for the following reasons...blah, blah and blah."

Saying he is an outstanding prolifer saying he takes prolife positions on all aspects of 'the issue', advising him to scrub his website clean of his actual position so there is no backlash for MCFL, saying MCFL's PAC is an entirely different organization than MCFL, making promises to get 100,000 people organized to elect the proabort while leaving all your prolife candidates in the November election sucking the wind-- these are  objectionable.  

They affect the efficacy and credibility of  the prolife movement across the board.  It needs to be addressed.

Giddy up. 


Anonymous said...

Is is possible that Cahill actually changed his position?

Carol McKinley said...

This is the same thing they did with Scott Brown.

Isn't it obvious they are trying to avoid the grief they got over calling Brown a prolifer while his positions were indexed so clearly for anyone scratching the surface?

I don't understand how, given MCFL's history, anyone would find the words they used to describe Tim's dedication to protect the unborn acceptable - even if it is possible he changed his mind on the day of MCFL's endorsement.

Read their press release again.

All a candidate has to do is scrub their website clean of their position on abortion and it warrants the glowing prolife description in MCFL's endorsement?

How do you think this helps us put prolife people into office in our future when every candidate now knows all they have to do is scrub their website on the day of their endorsement?

Let's think about this for a minute...

Is it possible Cahill changed his mind on the day of MCFL's endorsement?

Why would he completely pull down his position on abortion?

Why wouldn't he just change what was indexed under abortion to "prolife from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death"?

If MCFL told Cahill to take down his proabortion position so thety could circulate what a stunning defender of he unborn we have in him, this an escalation of deception.

Why didn't Ann Fox put the press release out like she does all the others? Do you think perhaps even she would not go so far?

MCFL is stripping the prolife movement of political power, completely and perhaps irrevocably.

We have a problem with MCFL. When will it be time to stampede the Board of Directors and hold them accountable for it instead of enabling them?

Anonymous said...

Why are they doing this? How well do you know the leaders of the MCFL?

Carol McKinley said...

I've written to Anne Fox to ask her to divulge what conversations took place between Tim and anyone from MCFL that resulted in his pulling down his position on abortion.

I'll also ask Tim's people.

I don't have any objection to saying Tim is the best we've got in the race for governor and leave it at that.

Instead of using their 100,000 people to get out the vote for several people who ARE prolife in the November race, they are using their forces for a proabortion candidate.

How do you reconcile this with any notion they are a prolife advocacy group?

The apostolate has gone to the dogs.

Carol McKinley said...

There are some great people in MCFL. Solid prolifers. But the leadership has been supporting and getting out the vote for proabortion candidates for as long as I can remember. it has fractured the prolife movement in Massachusetts. There is an element of old timers who are not on the internet who believe what MCFL feeds them but net savvy people and the younger grassroots who are aware of what they are doing have abandoned support of MCFL.

In response, MCFL throws authentic prolifers under the bus to save their own reputation.

It has essentially divided into the people who have "money" to throw around and the people who want to use that money to position themselves as political movers and shakers (and who are willing to get out the vote for proaborts to accomplish their ambitions) - divided against real prolifers.

It is not a good situation.