Sunday, July 25, 2010

Goodbye Bad Bishops

I'm getting bored again so you'll note a few changes around Throw the Bum Bums Out.   This may not be the template I settle with so you may see a few more changes until I feel like settling into something for a while.

In building my blogroll, I came across this fun website linked on Dympha's Road (tip of the hat!) - Goodbye Bad Bishops!  

You'll note whose portrait has joined the ranks of Clark, Hubbard and Roger Mahoney.

Among movers and shakers in conservative Catholic circles, Cardinal O'Malley has the new nickname - "Cardinal Mahony of the East".


Anonymous said...

Six more years of Bishop Lynch !!

I can't even wrap my mind around the damage that has been done to this diocese.

Veni,Sancte Spiritus

Anonymous said...

I pray that these bishops have an 'illumination of conscience' for the sake of their sheep as well as their own souls.