Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boston Catholic Blogger Community Welcomes Pilot Readers

This week's Pilot features a story about the situation cooking in the Archdiocese of Boston.   

The article is HERE.

Do you think it would be in poor taste to ask to have links to our blogs inserted into the story? 

A few things I'd like to mention.  

I must say that the article is a fair one but we do take umbridge with the name:

 "Archdiocese defends critical blog, seeks open dialogue"

It is important to note that while the diocese is trying to make this about their right as an employer to block a website, and they are people who seek open dialogue, this is PR spin.

The Boston Catholic Blogger Community is whistleblowing about concerns they have already tried to resolve internally and been ignored or retaliated against in one way or another.  Eight years of trying to report  concerns about conflicts of interest and the money, cronyism, and more importantly injustices to people and our faith have been met with obfuscation, harassment, threats and slander.

It is the response to having no systems in place to report injustices and corruption that will be taken seriously and acted upon.        This should resonate with anybody who has been watching and have concerns about the internal flaws of the people in positions of power and responsibility inside of the Catholic Church.

The whistleblowing community is a place where the Archdiocese no longer has the darkness to keep their dirt under wraps by threatening or taking punitive action against the people reporting it.  

Substantiated, verifiable situations are now seeing the light of day.  We are protecting the victims and  threats of chasing us down to destroy or punish us -- the tricks and treachery will also be very public so all will see and know what happens when you are a lover of justice.

What did the Archdiocese do when they saw their ability to sweep things under the carpet threatened in ways they would have no ability to control?

They tried to stifle our voices with threats of spending huge amounts of money to hire washed up and retired detectives to find out the identities of the people leaking their dirt, they limited people from access to the information and spin up the PR machine that try though they may to enter into Christ-centered talks with us, we have rebuffed them.  

Talk is cheap.

We have talked to them for eight years.  Nobody is listening and the situation is now out of control.

We have exhausted every internal forum.  The heirarchy is probably so bogged down, and there are only 24 hours in a day, the system is simply too gummed up to sit back and wait to be rescued.

It us up to us.  

We want civil and canonical rights of our priests restored.   We want them to have access to health care when they are sick and a pension to live on.

We want people who are being treated unfairly or harmed by employees and agents of the Archdiocese to have a process that hears those complaints and resolves the situation to the satisfaction of the victim.

We want the Catechism taught to our children and we want people who are teaching our children to object to those Truths to be removed from their ministries or teaching and administrative positions.  We want a system in place to report these concerns and resolves them to the satisfaction of those who want faithfulness taught to this generation and the next.

We want an end to cronyism, nepostism, conflicts of interest.

We want to keep our Catholic hospitals so that we can serve the poor and sick without leading them into temptation or violating our own consciences.   Since Caritas is now turning a profit, and we can't seem put our hands on how the diocese is being compensated for all of the Caritas assets in the big sell off, since the deal is riddled with conflicts of interest, since our religious symbols are being ripped off the walls before the Attorney General publishes her findings on the sale, we want the sale to Cerebus to be halted unless or until the deal is structured to protect the rights of Catholics, the sick and the poor.

The truth to the people running the Archdiocese will always be 'unfounded' because they block all efforts to find it.   They block other people from finding it.    They use their money and their power to silence people who know it and ask them to be accountable for resolving it.

THIS is the story.

In the aftermath of the 'sexual abuse' fracas, the Archdiocese is re-building the foundation of our Church on sand.  Truth is still the cornerstone that the builders are rejecting.

The Boston Catholic Blogger Community wants a stronger Church.  We want training to be evangelists.  We want ourselves, our children, family and friends to have the ability recognize sinfulness so we can all seek the refuge of the Sacraments.

We have more than a right to these precious gifts, we have a duty to make sure the next generation has access to Them.

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