Saturday, August 28, 2010


Father Pavone has a post up that does a better job of the meme I posted HERE.

We have the greatest respect for those who disagree with us. But when victims are oppressed, we don’t sit back and “agree to disagree” with the oppressor. Rather, we intervene to save the victim. We have been victims of terrorism in America. We don’t just “agree to disagree” with the terrorists; we stop the terrorists. 
Abortion is not about beliefs; it’s about bloodshed. It’s not about viewpoints, it’s about victims.
Those who need protection need it precisely because there are some who think they shouldn’t have it. When it comes to protecting the vulnerable, disagreement is an argument for action, not for sitting back and letting the violence happen simply because some think it should.
When Catholics get behind a cause to rally, people who don't know the motives behind what we are doing can perceive it as a "fight between enemies".    The clanging that perceives our motives as hate or self-righteousness can sometimes derail us.  They do not see the love for God, for salvation, for our brothers and sisters, the justice for the oppressed behind our work.  When we see our own flaws and emotions getting caught up in our work, we derail.

All of us have been tangled up in rejection of truth and sin, in one way or another.  We have experienced the separation from God the situation brings about.   We've crawled back on our hands and knees to God and have been brought back to life from the brink of our spiritual deaths.   We see the effect sin had in our own lives all around us and we work to unravel it.

In moments of doubt, remind yourself that it is about love and justice and salvation.

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