Friday, August 6, 2010

The (Breathtaking) Cronyism Under Cardinal O'Malley Series Continues at Boston Catholic Insider

I hope you've all signed up for a subscription to Boston Catholic Insider?

I've got to tell you that goal of putting all the material in one place to get a more accurate picture of what's going on under Cardinal O'Malley's watch is shocking. Even to me. The nepotism, the millions of dollars and the favors being dolled out by Hehir, Kaneb, McDonough and Connors at the Abington Savings Pastoral Center blows you away.

I got a voicemail message yesterday from a Boston priest who said "...and we thought the corruption under Michael James Curley was bad!"

We've had to increase the weekly Boston Blogger Conference call to three calls a week to process, brainstorm and network the information coming in.

Here's something to whet your appetite:

Saunders was hired in 2005 by a search committee headed by Fr. Bryan Hehir. Nobody had ever heard of Saunders before he was hired, and people familiar with the search inform us his name appeared from out of nowhere near the end of the process while qualified candidates tell us they were unable to get an interview. When his hiring was announced in mid-July of 2005, it was sufficiently controversial that the announcement article in The Pilot mentioned objections as well as a statement by Terry Donilon defending Saunders as being a strong candidate for the position. The highly experienced associate director for public policy at MCC and interim MCC director, Maria P, did apply for the job, but was rejected and took “early retirement.” Saunders previously worked as SVP and legislative counsel (meaning ‘lobbyist’) for the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Credit Union Leagues, so it might be that banking industry experience was an important prerequisite to hiring by the archdiocese even as early as 2005, before the Abington Bank crew arrived.

Honest, honorable and spiritual priests and people have to watch their backs around this crew.

Stay tuned to the BHE and BCI.

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