Friday, August 6, 2010

Pelosi Says Abortion is in Keeping with the Word Made Flesh?

Wouldn't answer whether Christ Had the Right to Life.

Nancy Pelosi further ditched her Catholic credentials again as she was unable to answer a reporter's question about whether Jesus Christ should have had his right to life protected from conception.

Earlier this year, Pelosi said she has an obligation to pursue public policy “in keeping with the values” of Jesus. Yet, asked by a CNS News reporter late last week whether Jesus has the right to life, Pelosi couldn't agree.

At her July 29 press briefing, CNSNews asked: “You said at a recent Catholic Community Conference that your favorite word was ‘The Word, as in the word made flesh,’ and that we need to quote, ‘give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the Word.’"

The reporter continued: "So, when was the Word made flesh? Was it at the Annunciation, when Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Sprit, as the Creed says, or was it at the Nativity when he was born of the Virgin Mary? And when did the Word get the right to life?”

“Whenever it was, we bow our heads when we talk about it in church, and that’s where I'd like to talk about that," Pelosi said in response.

The Annunciation is the teaching of the Church that makes it intellectually impossible not to understand that a human being is created by God prior to conception and a woman is asked to receive this life, to bring the life into the world under every circumstance. Even if you are a young, single woman. Everyone has the right to say 'no' to God but Catholics have the duty not to keep the knowledge to themselves while exploiting other women with falsehoods and lies about what is going on when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.

After a good days work of exploiting women and children, Nancy Pelosi runs to Church to bow her head--a gesture that is meant to imply one is subservient to God in the Truths we profess in the Creed.

Sacremental Grace keeps you anchored to reality. When you don't posses It, you are too blind to recognize the double life you are living.

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