Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chicago Cuckoo Priest Pfleger Running For Mayor

“America is the greatest sin against God.” Pfleger

New show producer, Bud Billikin of Chicago’s South Side Productions, Inc., has announced that the new show will follow the Father Pfleger as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, a run for Mayor of Chicago.

On Friday Pfleger is expected to announce his run against long-time Democrat strongman Richard Daley whose father, a Mayor before him, was famed for having “helped” JFK win the White House in 1960.

“We expect quite a show,” Billikin told reporters. “The good Father has all sorts of great catch phrases to make his run interesting and what a speaker!


I once read on Fr. Z's that Cardinal George was afraid to discipline him because Pfleger is in tight with gangland style killers in Chicago and the Cardinal wants to live. That would kind of make Pfleger a mafia type, eh? The guy should have been defrocked years ago. I must confess, I don't get how any Cardinal would prefer to sit back and do nothing to save your own life letting a priest loose who is destroying immortal souls and is so powerful with killers that the lives of people are in danger all around him.

'Cowardice' doesn't quite explain away why George would award Pfleger with the "priest of the year" award. Do you do that for a man you fear would and could send out assassins that are at his disposal?

To me, this explains why the Episcopal Conference has been supportive of politicians whose policies and administration massacres infants in utero. People who have other people killed for the "common good" can be honored and awarded. Killing isn't a problem in a 'pluralistic society' unless it's their own backsides.

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Anonymous said...

He can't run for mayor because under canon law clerics cannot hold elective office (canon 285.3)

The canon reads as follows, "Clerics are forbidden to assume public offices which entail a participation in the exercise of civil power."

That alone would be grounds to take him out of public ministry