Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Kerfuffle at St. Stanislaus

Remember the parish in St. Louis where the parishioners created their own 'charter', corporation, hired some rogue excommunicated priest who 'performed ordinations of women',  etc?  

They were all excommunicated several years ago and this week they again rebuffed an outreach for unification with the Catholic Church by the Bishop with a vote to remain "an independent "catholic" church.

The Archdiocese filed a lawsuit a few years ago to get control back which I believe is still in the pretrial stage.

Frankly, the whole debacle is ridiculous.

It is like coming home and finding your children have taken over your house and children from everywhere who are boozing, drugging and whoring it up are coming into YOUR HOUSE to get fortified.

What do you do in a situation like this?

 Do you stand on the sidewalk like a jellyfish as your home is taken over as the place to provide the nourishment for the group to suck other children to vacuum and grow?

Do you let them hijack the word Catholic and erect a Crucifix to give credence and virtue to all that is going on inside of your home?

Did Christ stand outside of the Temple whimpering and trying to negotiate with the thieves?

Christ went into the Temple with a whip didn't He?

The faith is being stolen from the people being sucked into the vacuum of rebellion against God in his own House.

Be a man.

If you can't be a man, be an indentured servant of Christ.   You have laid down your life for the sheep. Meaning, you have to care about doing what is right for them, then appeasing them so your own self esteem can be fueled by their 'liking' you and your every decision.   You are a Father.

Get a restraining order.  

 Pack up your testosterone and your Rosary Beads and dial 911.

Enough already with this nonsense.

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