Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Hail Mary Pass - Group Asks Pope to Block Hospital Sale to Cerebus

Neary continues: “We, the supporters of the Coalition To Save Catholic Health Care, request that these proceedings with Cerberus cease immediately and permanently. The Coalition opposes all facets of the negotiations, having examined the ethical, moral, religious, and financial aspects of what has been involved in these dealings with Cerberus”

For me, it isn't just the 25 million dollar payoff to the Cardinal - it is the structure that sets up ethics committees and policies which defers discernment to Cerebus.  

If you read the documents to find out "who" gets control of ethics along with the money being exchanged - the whole deal smells.

As previously reported, St. Elizabeth's has already removed religious artifacts from the hospital.

Like everything else the Archbishop has done since his arrival here in Boston, what his PR people spin out is not the truth of the situation.

Read the documents.

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