Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Caritas Conflicts of Interest

I know this is hard to believe after this post, but there appears to be more conflicts of interest involved in the Caritas deal.

As one commenter put it, Hellooooooooo Martha?? Speak up dear, we can't hear you.

Speaking of comments, do note the link to the comments in Caritas Coinkydinks 2 from the commenter stating there is no whistleblower policy in the Archdiocese.

Hard to imagine isn't it.

One thing I am learning from all this is exactly how many priests and lay people across the archdiocese are scared silly to blow the whistle.

Since this was the problem to begin with, any notion that there has been real reform inside of the Catholic Church is a delusion of grandeur.


Anonymous said...

Carol, you are right about whistle blowers. I can understand why a priest wouldn't be one. I know of a priest whistle-blower in an East Coast Archdiocese who has gotten treated, well, how shall I put this? Let's just say that there is no justice for a whistle-blower. This particular priest is the archdiocesan pariah and has been relegated to invisible status while the offending priests that the whistle was blown on continue along their merry way - in good standing, of course.

Nothing has changed. And I am beginning to wonder if we are not in the last days. I see no light at the end of the tunnel yet.


Anonymous said...

The archdiocesan officials fiddles while the Church in Boston continues to burn:

Boston Catholic weddings plunged 55% over decade

Catholic World News
August 16, 2010

The number of Catholic weddings in the Archdiocese of Boston has plunged by over 55% in the past decade, from 8,343 in 2000 to 3,727 in 2009. “They don’t go to church, so it doesn't have any meaning to them,” said Father Dennis Nason. “I feel sad about it. When they marry in the Church, having a relationship with God is going to help them in their marriage and when everything is not coming up roses.”

The number of Catholic weddings in the United States stood at 355,182 in 1965, rose until the early 1970s, then fell to 292,499 in 1995. The number of Catholic weddings then fell steeply to 191,265 in 2008-- a decline of 35% in less than a decade and a half.

Source: •Catholic Church sees steep decline in weddings (North Andover Eagle Tribune)

Carol McKinley said...

Yeah. When you're looking for the light, you best be keeping your eye on the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother.

Anonymous said...

Please 'HAVE NO FEAR!'

Repeatedly throughout the entire 'journey' of Salvation History.numerous times the community of true believers were held hostage or under violent attack. This little group of survivors are referred as 'The Remnant'. They are those resilient individuals who become the seed-bed of the 'born-again' people of God .

Many of you who respond to these Blog messages are that REMNANT.

As you continue your personal relationship with the Trinity, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and the Creed, the remnant seed-bed remains fertile + ready to blossom again as the Church of Jesus Christ who's gates withstand Evil even if the Evil is within!

He promised to never leave us orphaned.