Sunday, August 22, 2010

You have got to check out the latest at Boston Catholic Insider!

"Undercover Diocese vs. Catholic Bloggers"

When you're done, head over to Deal Hudson's post and check out the spin left by the hooligans at the diocese in the comments section.

"cloaked in a veneer of facts that cast aspersions upon good people doing good works"

How lame.

Anyone want to to take a stab at cracking that code?

The diocese playing another round of "when you don't have facts, throw some poo at your detractors".

The financials lead to the conclusion that the Archdiocese is handing over more than 2 million a year for their PR machine and this is what they get in return.

Give me a break!

Readers strongly encouraged to pony up and  leave a response in the comments section over at Hudson's post.  Follow the link.


Jack B said...

In some circles, "facts" are actually considered a desirable component of an argument. If they cast aspersions, so be it. And the mass of assertions to date at Boston Catholic Insider has accumulated to far more than a "veneer".
If David's vacuous comment presents an "insider perspective", perhaps he and his inside associates would benefit from a thinking filter as strong and smart as their web filter. After all, the Globe's Aug 22 comments deserve some wise attention along with BCI's. ( )

Anonymous said...

Jack, thanks for pointing that editorial out. So, if I understand that correctly the deal will protect 12,000 jobs & create 4,300 new ones. How many lives of the unborn will they save?