Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Associated Press Spin Machine and the Ground Zero Mosque

Catholics in Boston learned a valuable (and shocking) lesson about the "Associated Press" during the "abuse crisis" coverage of 30-40 year old cases that were reported early in 2000s:  It's a spin machine for those bankrolling the attack on Christendom and the demoralization of America.

Every reader of this blog knows I have no delusions about legitimate cases of sexual abuse and the circles of cronies that coddle corruption.  But, the coverage of the corruption in the Catholic Church went so far beyond the reality of the fracas that it left no room to believe it was an honest and good faith reporting.  

There was a well financed campaign to take things that happened 40 years ago and create enough hysteria to give the appearance that there's a sexual abusing priest in every parish who just hasn't been outed yet because of the corruption and clericalism.

In the evolution of these stories, when many priests were plucked out under dubious circumstances, these priests stepped forward to stepped forward to say things like "I wasn't even assigned to that parish during that time" and other facts that would shed light on the falsehood of the allegation but these things did not make the story so many times that it was clear to everyone who knew the facts that the idea of a "free press" where a journalist investigates and reports both sides to accurately portray events no longer existed.  (Remember that the regime under Cardinal O'Malley actually forbade the priests from correcting the false allegations publicly which certainly gives the impression that their energies go into supporting the false reports and destructions of the vocations of many innocent priests rather than a pursuit of real facts and a just outcome).

It is actually a rather mind blowing thing to discover and ponder who was driving  it, the potential consequences and ultimate outcome for our country.  

When the messiah ascended from this media pit, many pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

With the brain dead nation finally waking up to realize what they elected, the Associated Press is giving out new orders to give the Muslims the back up they need to put up their victory monument over where they left the hole in the ground and 3,000 dead Americans.

In an unusual move, the Associated Press has publicly released an advisory memo to its reporters on how to cover of the Ground Zero mosque story – and the first rule is that journalists must immediately stop calling it the “Ground Zero mosque” story.

A New York imam and his proposed mosque near ground zero are being demonized by political candidates — mostly Republicans 

One of the “facts” that the AP feels the need to “clarify” is that Ground Zero mosque organizer Feisal Abdul Rauf is a moderate Muslim.

A moderate muslim is he?

A week after his people attacked our country, Rauf claimed Americans were an 'accessory' to the attack and murders.

Furthermore, a lot of oppressed and dead women and children take exception to the oversight to come to the conclusion that the muslim religion is a 'religion of peace'.

Again, knowing how Americans feel about it, if this imam and the muslims were acting in good faith, he would have no problem moving a couple of miles down the street.

With the head of this protecting the rights of terrorists machine leading the charge that the American people are 'bigots', the orders have been given to the Associated Press.  

The "Associated Press" is the secular version of the "Catholic News Service" or the "National Catholic Education Association".

Malarky central.

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Anonymous said...

The Globe coverage of the Catholic Church and the sex abuse crisis created not only a narrative of evil abusers and hierarchy, but also of radical heroes. Rev. Walter Cuenin and, to a lesser extent, Rev. Austin Fleming (among others) became spokespersons for the dissidents. They were well-treated by the Globe and other press outlets. Even now, Cuenin is on the radio and Fleming has been promoted by Catholic TV. And then there was that terrible Charles Pierce magazine piece recently -- which went uncorrected by any official in the archdiocese.