Saturday, September 11, 2010

How did the luminaries in Archdiocese of Boston position themselves to be the watchmen?

For the past few days, I outlined how the stories about rape end with leading questions about how it feels to have somebody rub their hands all over a vagina, how those leading questions bring the natural questions children have about 'what sex is', and how these situations are the exact environments pedophiles look for to plant themselves into to recruit victims.

Here is something I haven 't highlighted.

How did Cardinal O'Malley and the Chancery thugs react to the objections?

They said 'so what' and painted parents as fringe.

I review my response to that in this post.  Enjoy.

Meanwhile, here are a few more questions:

What's your instinct about the lifelong effects on their ability to enjoy sex after years of telling children to think of sexuality as something a boogeyman is going to steal from them at any moment and learn how to be combative?

What's the plan to transition children traumatized about what sexuality is to understanding that men and sex are not boogymen so that they can enjoy a healthy sex life with their husband/wife?

Who would be foolish enough to hand their children over for 'safety' to the exact people who got caught shuffling pedophiles and threatening and tormenting people who step forward to complain?

If you remember what happened, once the children got beyond the threats of their abuser and told the people they trusted - their parents and relatives, the the internal code of silence and protecting the good old boys manifested itself.  

How did the Bishops ever accomplish hijacking a situation where they are complicit in creating the unsafe environments for children to position themselves as the go-to people for children to report sexual abuse?

With the Boston Archdiocese saying they are catching pedophiles, have they ever divulged to anybody in any parish the identities of the pedophiles they catch?  Are they the people volunteering to teach Talking about Touching?    Is it your children's piano teacher and soccer coach and they haven't told you?

Call Anthony Rizzutto's office and see if you can get a list of names of people they claim they are catching, what parishes they are from and their occupations.

The diocese keeps the identities of the pedophiles away from parents who can protect their own children.  This was the problem and they twisted the fix to give the more power to control the situations - not less.

The policy where they were taking the ability to protect children away from Catholic parents has been replaced with a policy where they  have taken the ability to protect children away from Catholic parents.

Get it?

You would  think Catholics would see the lunacy but the majority of them went right along with it - in spite of their instincts and knowing the situation created more opportunities for perverts than there ever was before.

Part of the problem is, Catholics who want to 'be somebody' in the Catholic Church need to sit at swanky events beside the Cardinal to claw their way up the ladder of power.  They need to make nice with the Bishop and this comes above the safety of children.

Nothing has changed about this dynamic.

When parents put the evidence on the table and rounded up experts to testify to the dangers to local and national Catholic leaders, most people who could do something about it retreated to silence.

Think about this for a minute.

They were made aware that the Cardinal put Deacon Anthony Rizzutto in charge a program written by whores and witches and knowingly gave his consent to recruiting people who have no problem with promoting sex to children (VOTF) to "implement the program",  including Larry Kessler who promotes this book to youth.

The code of silence cultivated inside of the Catholic Church has been bred for centuries.   We have generations of Catholics who will sit beside a Cardinal who would so such things to children and make nice with him because they value their seat at the table more than they value the children victimized.

The last priest standing who refuses to hand over the children to this madness is being threatened.

There is no rhyme or reason why Fr. Mullin cannot use an approved program that gives resources to parents to protect their children - except that the Cardinal does not want the authority to be given to parents and prefers the system with folks like Larry Kessler in charge the ideas of children the how it feels when somebody rubs your genitalia and a go home and do it safe environment program.

Spread the word.

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