Sunday, September 19, 2010

Next Question: Who is leading the effort to recruit the new head of the Mass Catholic Conference?

The Mass Catholic Conference, which heads up lobbying to protect the conscience rights of Catholics, the lives of the unborn, sick, suffering was placed by Cardinal O'Malley under the leadership of J. Bryan Hehir.

Fr. Hehir has effectively amputated the Mass Catholic Conference from having any lobbying power. Hehir's philosophy on political lobbying for the right to life and conscience protections are summarized in THIS POST.

In essence, Catholics and the unborn don't have rights because that would shut down the rights of others to take those rights away and the entire social justice system will implode.

What's that you say? It doesn't make sense to you?

Join the club.

Hehir appointed Ed Saunders to follow his orders to do nothing. As Boston Catholics know, Ed Saunders returned to God. God rest his soul.

This leaves a vacancy that Boston Catholics need to seize.

A search committee has been appointed. We have asked the names of the people on the Committee and the Archdiocese has refused to divulge those names. Faithful Catholics have made clear they want the credentials of search to be focused on candidates who are faithful to the tenets of the Catholic religion and who have no history of employment working as a lobbyist for heterodox politicians and initiatives.

Boston Catholics active in lobbying and politics would like the archdiocese to be transparent about the search and we would like a Catholic faithful to the tenets of our faith to head up the search and choose the final candidate. We are on this and will be reporting on our efforts going on under the radar in the future.

BTW, it goes without saying:

Fr. Hehir should have nothing whatsoever to do with the search.


Anonymous said...

Abt. BTW - Amen Sister!

Anonymous said...

You are 100 percent correct that Fr. Hehir told Mr. Saunders to effectively shut down the MCC's pro-life efforts. Hehir claimed he wanted people in MA to know that the church advocated on issues other than abortion. Of course, people already knew that, since MCC was involved in a whole range of issues. It was a direct anti-life move by Hehir, Connors, Kaneb, and company. All with O'Malley's direct support.