Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fr. Mullen's Meeting

Many of you are anxious to hear news about Fr. Mullen.

I am waiting for official confirmation but I heard last evening from a member of St. Brendan's Community that Fr. Mullen was upbeat about the meeting.  My source told me that apparently, the Cardinal has reviewed the safe-environment programs Fr. Mullen finds acceptable that do not exploit the innocence of children or put the onus of defending themselves against pedophiles the Archdiocese hires upon them) and they have agreed that the program does not violate the spirit of their agreement with the US Attorney General to keep the Cardinals and Bishops out of jail.

I believe this to be a significant victory but I do want to wait until we hear the official word from Fr. Mullen before we do a cartwheel.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, Carol! So many of us praying for Fr. Mullen are anxious about the outcome, hoping that it is positive. Continued prayers that all parishes move away from the TAT program as well. Finally, the work you do is much appreciated, and looks to be bearing fruit!

Anonymous said...

I think a little jail time in a federal pen would be good for some cardinals and bishops.

Carol McKinley said...

Yes. Imagine St. Paul, instead of saying I am imprisoned for the sake of truth, justice and Christ, saying he was on the isle of crete teaching "here's jane. tommy put his hands down her pants and rubbed her vagina. how do you think jane felt when tommy rubbed her vagina"

It is beyond ludicrous children have been exploited for ten years like this to keep bishops out of jail.

The whole bondoogle had no efficacy on the cronyism and corruption and good old boy network that creates a hostile environment to report things going awry and have anyone in the administration take you seriously.