Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 3 with cold from hell

I am one of the craftiest germophobes there is.   I don't touch railings, doors, doorknobs, I use hand sanitizer and am constantly washing my hands, when people come into my office with the sniffles, I usher them out with humor and run for my sanitizer.

Last week I went to a meeting on another floor in my building and I was there for about ten minutes when I heard a chorus of spasmodic coughing outside of the door from numerous people.

I swear, I already knew germs had swarmed all over my immune system and declared their victory.

It's a tough one -- be on your guard and take extra precautions.


Jerry said...

I gobble Vitamin C and don't get sick every year anymore. CVS has vitamin two-fers this week: this one is the most economical. And read this if you're thinking of getting shot. Keep warm.

KD said...

I'm praying your feeling better soon - take the week off!