Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keeping A Breast of Feminists

After suffering years of "major resentment" because women don't have equal rights to feel sunshine upon her chest,  a  Pittsfield Massachusetts woman collected 200 signatures to get a non-binding referendum question on the third Berkshire Disctrict November ballot:  rewriting the legal definition of nudity so that the same rules apply to both genders.

I actually didn't realize the state of Vermont lets women go shirtless, did you?

And you fellas were worried about Catholic women wearing pants!

In Katherine Gundelfinger’s view, women should have “equal access to sunshine.’’ That means being able to walk or bike shirtless through downtown, or bathe at Onota Lake wearing only a pair of bikini bottoms.
“Here I am, a grown woman, who can’t go for a swim and feel the sun on my chest and feel comfortable,’’ said Gundelfinger, 39

This is not just about the insensitivity to men.

How does a woman lose all sense of the beauty, sensuality and sexuality of her own breasts?

Feminists have let their own insecurities and resentments completely divest themselves of their own sexuality.

It is shocking.

Here's something I don't doubt for a minute:

"I’ve seen women more provocative fully clothed than I would be in just a pair of swim trunks."

There is certainly nothing attractive about an immodest woman with a big chip on her shoulder wearing nothing but men's swimming trunks.  Knock yourself out.

The dumbing down of American women by women is a hard thing to watch.

I honestly don't get the trajectory of women sitting home brooding about things men are naturally equipped to do.  

Isn't that how God and nature makes provisions for all of our needs?  Aren't we all given different treasures and talents and life is about weaving our diversity into a beautiful tapestry?

Patience, loyalty, humility,  modesty, selflessness, servitude, chastity, tenderness, empathy, nurturing and beauty are a woman's most cherished gifts.

Twisting them into weakness and inferiority to make life some kind of competitive race women have with men is such a waste, in so many ways.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Let me play devil's advocate here by saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander. By that, I don't approve of men going around shirtless either. They too have a solemn duty to observe modesty and decorum.

Jack O'Malley said...

Very cute pun there, Carol. ;-) I see you have your ear cocked for the bon mot. :-) My compliments!

Then again, if Mr. Adam and Ms. Eve were trapsing about Eden in their birthday suits, and in the quintessence of innocence to boot (did they even wear boots?), why not allow beauteous women the same rights of public ostentation as men?

That said, I would caution that aesthetic sensibilities ought not to be violated on either account. More to the point, I myself would remain shirted if Ms. Gundelfinger would consent to do the same.

Those younger than she and I are wholeheartedly encouraged to display their youthful beauty in its divinely bestowed abundance. But no premarital sex, boys and girls.

Yeah, right.

Carol McKinley said...

Jack, glad you enjoyed.

Me thinks the nakedness in paradise was before the affliction of concupiscience, our punishment for eating the apple rather than just trusting God knows what is best for us and reserving our own judgments?

You ar a man tho and I admire your tongue in cheek attempt to channge the scenery.

RDCC, do we really want to make mens chests the same as a womans?

Anonymous said...

what St Catherine of Sienna said about homosexuals

Anonymous said...

June 13, 2011 Monday
I have a question for you in regards to your position and fighting words in oppostion to equal rights for men and women:
Do you support, condone, or endorse
by women and girls the use of makeup, including mascara, lipstick and head dye and the wearing of heels and short skirts to work, church or play?
I find myself in the minority on this one too- I find the practice by women of wearing make-up and heels to be deceptive-
Do you wear make-up - mascara, lipstick and head dye and heels as an deceptive expression of your femininity to work church and play?
-Katherine Gundelfinger

Anonymous said...

"The dumbing down of American women by women is a hard thing to watch."
I agree with your statement but don't believe I represent the situation in any way.
Women (it appears to be in the majority, including the church going population) caking chemicals, of unknown property, all over their eyes , faces and bodies , to me, is far from an admirable "expression of femininity".
To me, the use of make-up by women confirms an age old bias against women- that we , as a group, are pretty dumb.

-Katherine Gundelfinger