Friday, October 22, 2010

TAKE ACTION! - Tainted search for new Mass Catholic Conference Director

Last week Boston Catholics learned that the committee put together to  search for the new head of the Mass Catholic Conference was stacked.

Sr. Annette McDermott is a nun representing the Diocese of Springfield who also happens to be politically active in Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and the Campaign for Human Development - two probortion political action initiatives.

I'm sure she is a lovely woman and may be very qualified to operate homeless shelters but her judgment about political matters disqualifies her for sitting on a committee to pick out our head lobbyist here in Massachusetts.

The Archdiocese of Boston appointed Jim Brett, another crony of Jack Connors and Bryan Hehir.

Mr. Brett has personally donated funds to pro-abortion politicians including Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Michael Capuano, and Edward Markey.  As head of the New England Council, he presented the 2009 “New Englander of the Year” Award to Sen. John Kerry.

More details on Brett, here.  

Brett's associations with Jack Connors, who was co-chair of the 2004 DNC , Bryan Hehir, and John Kerry, demonstrates his political judgment is unsound and he, too, is disqualified to sit on a committee to pick out the chief lobbyist for Catholics in Massachusetts.

Our blogging colleagues at Bryan Hehir Exposed have set up the TAKE ACTION page.

Please click on the FED UP FAX icon - all the work of drafting language is done - and the faxes are set to go   to Bishop Coleman who is heading up the search, Cardinal O'Malley, the Nuncio, Cardinal-designate Burke at the Holy See and the Holy Father.

Please do me the personal favor of sending it to three Catholics and personally ask them to do the same.  You will be hearing more about this over the weekend in an email campaign.


Anonymous said...

I am a parishioner of St. Michael's Cathedral in Springfield MA. The Bishop has allowed openly gay men to serve as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and I believe the man in charge of the Altar servers is also gay. One has the equal sign bumber sticker on his vehicle. There was a protest at our Mass one morning because Cathedral high School had let a staff of fifteen years go, because she had married her female partner. This forced me to explain to my children about homosexuality. I am trying to raise aholy catholic family... HELP!

Carol McKinley said...

I don't get it. These Bishops have totally given up on their duty to keep souls in a state of grace.

Near as I know, if a heterosexual man or woman is living with a partner and is unmarried, most pastors don't allow them to serve in a role of leadership at the parish.

Have you asked the Bishop whether he is working on matters of the soul with the men? I would put it on him.

You need to find a parish where your children can hear the kinds of homilies they need to hear to keep their eyes and ears on their own conduct so they will have the skills they need for the rest of their life to mosey on into the Confessional and keep their soul in a state of grace. This is critical.

Ask around. They're out there.

Feel free to email me.