Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sham Searches - Terry Donilon - Archdiocese of Boston

Boston Catholic Insider is featuring some very disturbing information on the hiring of Terry Donilon by the Archdiocese of Boston.

Donilon Sham Part 1

Donilon Sham Part 2

I was catching up a few days ago with a local defender of the faith and we were sharing information about the corruption at 66 Brooks Drive.   When I gave him some inside information on the Connors/Hehir/Kaneb dictatorship, he said - ever so sincerely:  "You  can't keep up with it.   You would need 100 full time people on staff just taking in and processing the information on the corruption"

Be sure to read some of the comments in the thread.

In other Boston communications news, a group called 2100 Trust said they were going to make a bid for the Boston Globe.     Connors claims he is not part of the initiative.  Well, that's not exactly what he said when you look at his statement.

Boston adman Jack Connors said he is not part of the current bidding effort.
The 2100 Trust is still rounding up Investors.  Doesn't mean Connors won't be part of the bidding effort tomorrow or the next day.   We have our moles strategically placed and will let you know more when the pieces are put together.

If it's true that Connors isn't in the game, could Donilon lose his crony network at the Boston Globe?

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