Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pelosi Pallooza and The Perfect Storm

One of the things seasoned Catholic activists and leaders do who have interests in seeing public policy shaped ethically and morally is 'think like' your opponents and make some projections about their game plan so you can get ahead of it with your own game plan.

Catholic Voters and our allies in the Tea Party have a bit of a Perfect Storm.

Let's put the past into perspective for a moment.

Catholics don't really have allies in either party.  The Catholic Vote is a force of its own that was once used by the Democratic party and then used by the Republican party.  We are now disengaged from both and like the Tea Party, or with them, we wait for the signals on which party is going to front the candidate we will get on board with.  We have some pockets of Catholic activists who are still holding into the machine that wants to churn out the vote inferior better of the two proabort candidates.  As the 2008 election demonstrated, these are in the minority now.

In 2008, the power of the vote (on both sides of political philosophy) has shifted from 'who has the money to front the candidates' to grassroots voters on the ground.

The Democrats felt that pulse ahead of the Republicans, tapped into it and used it well in 2008.   The Republicans don't know what to do because they don't know how to manipulate people in this shift while still fronting candidates who are going to, above all else, take care of their portfolios on Wall Street.  (For the record, I am a fan of taking care of portfolios on Wall Street because those people employ us but I draw the line when that candidate wants the government and the culture to sponsor murdering infants as the fix for irresponsible men and keeping the children of our poor from costing us money.)

The Tea Party is in the driver's seat and both the Democrats and the Republicans have a small window of opportunity to redeem themselves.

Let's look at the status of the Democrats first because it's fun (and easier to predict):

Obama has been tarred and feathered.

Can they re-invent him to redeem him for the 2012 election or do they politely ask him to recuse himself for the good of the country and pick out a moderate to run for the White House?

If they choose to redeem him, somebody else has to go under the bus. I presumed it would be Pelosi.

When I read yesterday that Pelosi announced she's running for minority leader, I thought, "Wow, this is awesome.  Not only is she making clear she won't go under the bus, she's leading a chaotic revolt within as they try to move to the center to salvage the White House."  

My intuition tells me,the Democrats at the highest levels are huddling to plot what they'll do with the drunken sailor earl-aye in the morning.  Soon, we will hear "man overboard" as she floats gently down the Potomac with her limbs flailing and her tongue uttering curses.

The Republicans are a little more savvy.  They can see that the country has elected politicians whose moral and ethical philosophies are very conservative.  They are too wounded about their political power being swept away from them to accept Sarah Palin's role as an agitator and use it to their advantage. (I love Sarah, I think she is doing a fantastic job in the role of an agitator. I don't think it is a winning strategy to pick her as one of our horses for the role of POTUS.)

Do they get on board what is essentially the religious right (whom they really don't take a shine to) or will the Romneybots convince them to pick a high-heeled, well-groomed wealthy proabort and teach him how to be deceitful about his convictions in the public square? 

Or, do they front their money behind a sagacious pool of candidates with conviction of the heart on our issues?

Frankly, I can't get a read on it.

There is as much internal chaos internally in the Republican machine as there is in the Democrat machine.

It is a perfect storm.

I think it is up in the air and political conservative prolifers have a small window of opportunity to hand them the rules to our game plan in one hand and a broken bottle with their other,  and offer them our best wishes on deciding what they'd like to use for their fannies in 2012.

Let's send the flares across their bows and hope for the best and we'll see where we are in a couple of months.

Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and wine singing this will be the day that it dies.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol. The mere fact that the Repubs are flailing about in the sea of unrest gives the Pro-life Conservative the chance to really get a move on. Unfortunately Prop 62 in Colorado went down to defeat, but that shouldn't stop the effort. You need to re-double the effort. When you have the President of a "Catholic Law School" advocating for abortion and offering it for free, it's time, as Catholics, to stand up and kick those bums out as well. The Social Conservatives (SoCon) need to re-form, not reform, the Republican Party back into it's Lincoln Era format or be totally replaced by a SoCon party. Period. No compromise, no acquiescence, and no quitting!. Romneybots be d***ed. Real Conservatives need to stand and be counted. Forcing the issue is definitely called for. Throwing Pelosi "under the bus" would be a service to humanity. I only hope the Obamacrats have the "guts" to do it.

kbc said...

Excellent summary.