Friday, November 5, 2010

Proud Gum It Up Pro-Gridlock Catholic

Obama emerged with an act of contrition on his lips and calls for the Republicans to help him move "the people's agenda" forward.

But when the people said they did not want Obamacare, the auto industry takeover, the bank takeover and promising the money we work for to people who don't want to work for it, both Obama and Pelosi said sometimes you have to go against the people because they don't know what's good for them.

My Irish grandmother used to have a saying for insincere people who change their tune to see if they can get more blood out of you. "He's all hon and deary".

Loved this Creative Minority article.

But I'll admit it, I am a pro-gridlock American. Is that wrong to say? I don't think so mainly because I believe one of the biggest problems America has is the government. The only thing I can hope for while Barack Obama is President is to put a stop to his GROW THE GOVERNMENT plans. That's all. Isn't gridlock what the American people really voted for last night. Didn't they ask the GOP to put the brakes on the government last night?

Maybe that's something many in the media don't get. The difference between the parties isn't just two rival gangs that hate each other even though they can't remember why. It really is a clash of philosophies. One believes that the answer to many problems is more government while the other believes that less government is usually the answer. One believes in the right to kill the unborn, the other doesn't. These are pretty fundamental issues so I don't see how anything but gridlock is possible unless one side makes a move toward the other.

As if this week wasn't already sweet, as predicted, the Democrats 'religious outreach' can't get any traction going.

That's because they've been tarred and feathered and the Bishops can't come out into the public square. They're in fact even too scared to do it under the radar.

Strider, who helped spearhead Democratic faith outreach in 2006 and 2008 - when he directed that work for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign - said the party put substantially fewer resources and effort into faith-based strategy work this year than in any election since 2004.

Eric Sapp, who runs a faith-focused consulting firm with Strider, said he wasn't hired by the House and Senate Democratic campaign committees or by candidates for Congress or governor, for the first time since he started doing such work.

Others in the progressive faith worlds, meanwhile, say Democrats - including President Barack Obama - have shied away from the faith-based messaging that they honed in the years after the 2004 election, which was seen to be determined by so-called values voters.

You ready?

This year, Sapp and Strider said there were no contracts between faith-based consultants and the Democrats' congressional campaign committees.

But remember that Catholics United pledged to spend 500,000 to "help" the democrats that ended up losing. The FEC doesn't have any record of funds from Crackpots United being used in those races, though it may show up on the final data.

The Democrat-leaning group Catholics United had pledged to raise $500,000 to support candidates such as Reps. Perriello, Boccieri, Dahlkemper and Driehaus. However, the Federal Election Commission website did not report any funds from the group being used in races and final data may not be available for several more weeks.

Here's an article quoting all the characters having a pity party.

It is a delicious indulgence for a rainy Friday here in the people's republic of Massachusetts.

They might have to get real jobs.

The idea they think there is any common ground after their two year reign of terror is amusing.

Michael says all that needs to be said.

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