Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bishop Olmsted Strips Hospitals of "Catholic" Name

Bishop Olmsted is a Bishop who sure makes it hard to live up to the 23rd Psalm. I want this Bishop here!

After trying to shepherd the flock at Catholic Hospitals, as promised, he stripped the hospitals of the right to use the Name "Catholic".

That's what you call 'pastoral'.

I can't help comparing it to what Boston Catholics were served up with -- contracts with abortionists with promises to give pregnant women free rides to get them.

Enjoy our friend Michael Voris giving the delicious kudos:

Oh, and speaking of things that need to have the Name Catholic Canonically removed, the Katholic Health Association has issued a statement on the katholycity of the hospitals from Lady MacBeth.

NB - Sister McBride, the administrator who 'approved' of the abortion, was also excommunicated by Bishop Olmsted.

I would still be conflicted with Church teaching about contraception and robbed of the state of grace, if the people who told me I was separated from God had not had the courage to do so.

Priests and lay people have got to stop believing they are being 'pastoral' by letting their flock come and sit in the pews every week without telling them what we know to be the truth. The kind of 'pastors' who will let you march towards your death in conflict with Christ are not pastoring your soul to its salvation.

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