Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Democratic Party Platform on Life

I'm a social justice Catholic at heart.

I believe our poor should be financially supported but not enabled. Socioeconomically, intellectually and spiritually nurtured, but simultaneously lifted out of the spiral.

Of course, the Sacrifice Christ made to give us the Truth as our guiding light to salvation is above all else. That's what made it impossible for me to continue supporting the Democrats. But when I left the Democratic party, I left with a heavy heart.

As a woman and a humanitarian, I just couldn't take the maniacal platform of brainwashing poor, immigrant and uncatechized women to be promiscuous with emotionally unavailable and irresponsible men as some kind of victory of sister suffragettes.

I believe in teaching our poor they can have class. They can learn how to recognize the characteristics of responsible, healthy and decent men who will respect and provide for their family. We can give them the tools that will nourish their self-respect, teach them to aspire, to study and work hard and soar like an eagle out of poverty.

Looking back, I remember where the trajectory of the democratic party lost me. It was the 'our bodies ourselves' treatise that predated Roe v. Wade. Brainwashing women into believing the body they are vacuuming apart unto death or letting a madman with a medical license kill with a pair of scissors, is "their" body. I really thought it was an outlandish anomaly of a woman's intellect to swallow this nonsense. It's so painfully obvious, even in a first trimester abortion, that the feet, arms, hands, head and heart vacuumed out of a mother belong to a separate person.

If you're walking out of the clinic on your own two feet, the ones you left in the specimen jar belong to somebody else. It isn't rocket science. It isn't your body. I didn't understand spiritual delusion back then but as a feminist who was still grounded in the Catholic faith, I was shocked this movement had legs.

No matter how hard the democrats work to dig the poor out of a hole, they're shoveling sand against the tide when they give homicidal maniacs like this one license to kill by lobbying it as a legal "right". God will not be mocked.

“It is very important to remember that Dr. Gosnell is presumed innocent,” a lawyer for Dr. Gosnell, William J. Brennan, said. “I would hope there is not a rush to judgment and that he has an opportunity to review this very lengthy charging document.”

When labor was induced and a baby was born, Dr. Gosnell would kill it by cutting into its neck and severing its spinal cord in a process he referred to as “snipping.” In one case involving a 17-year-old who was 30 weeks pregnant, prosecutors said, Dr. Gosnell induced labor, severed the fetus’s spine and put the body in a shoe box. “The doctor joked that the baby was so big, ‘he could walk me to the bus stop,’ ” the document said.

People killing other people are rights incorporated into the platform of the democratic party. How can anyone tolerate the injustices off it all?

They want Americans to run to spoonfeed starving people but when it comes to ethnic cleansing, torture and brutal slaughtering, they want us to mind our own business. The people of Haiti will get help for an earthquake but if a dictator shows up to enslave them or kill their children, they want to wine and dine him. How do you respond to one type of suffering and ignore another?

I hate to say it, but there is something shallow and self-serving about this kind of servitude.

The description of what they found at this clinic is pathological.

Making sure a baby's feet are not out of the birth canal when you stab him or her with scissors and cut the spinal cord vs. killing a child after he or she has been born is really just semantics.

Catholics have got to bail.


Jerry said...

Hi Carol,

Social justice? Goverment caring for the less fortunate? It's never happened in the US.

Here's a clip from a comment I posted on the last MCFL item. Nobody picked up on it:

Almost all Catholics are out of line on the issue of government "welfare" transfer payments. Any use of government to take money from one person and grant it to another, as cash or as a so-called "benefit," is absolutely opposed to the 7th Commandment and is clearly condemned by many popes, most notably Pope Leo XIII in his condemnation of socialism. That the modern hierarchy has gotten soft on socialism is deplorable. It gives rise to the thinking espoused by Katia, namely, that Obama's socialist platform, except for abortion, is in line with Catholic teaching. Must I agree that stealing from Peter to give to Paul is a good thing? No. In fact, it's a sin.

Carol McKinley said...

Jerry, Thanks for your thoughts. I don't mind paying for my brothers and sisters who are truly in need. But this is getting out of control!