Saturday, January 22, 2011

God's 38th Anniversary Present to Roe v Wade

The hour has struck - the battle, the most widespread, bitter and ferocious the world has ever known, has been joined. It must be fought to the finish. - Pius XII

It took me several days to get my spirituality tucked in enough to read the sinister descriptions of Gosnell's infant extermination facility. The Grand Jury report, with photos of the macabre crimes against women and children is HERE. It's worse than I expected. Hundreds of children were delivered alive and then murdered. Their bodies and parts were strewn about in the blood and filth.

There's a picture of a 30 week old baby with a gaping hole in his neck where the scissors was inserted to sever his spinal cord. Though SCOTUS upheld the partial birth abortion ban in 2007, there are various ways of killing an unborn child in this country. And the findings at the Gosnell abortion clinic is proof positive that the partial birth abortion ban is as good as the morals and ethics of doctors who make a living out of killing children.

It's as effective as the law against stealing in a room filled with thieves.

I get upset when I think of the chicanery of the people in this country who legally define doing this to an innocent child as a constitutional freedom. Barack Hussein opposes a ban on this procedure. There are late-term abortion bans (not to be confused with the federal partial-birth abortion ban) in 36 states but the wiggle room for exceptions which includes emotional distress make those bans effectively worthless.

I had to see what the people looked like. Mugshots and charges of Gosnell and his accomplices are posted here. They looked exactly as I expected. The madness of killing infants has consumed them. Still, I was struck by the chaos of people with no experience or medical licenses providing services including anesthesia.

The Family Research Council highlights information in the Grand Jury report that Gosnell was also being funded to be a provider of children's vaccines.
Wednesday, the city's District Attorney released 261 pages of documentation about the human butcher and his "Family Medical Society," which, deep inside its padlocked doors, hid the bodies of hundreds of aborted children. One of the more shocking pieces of information is that Gosnell, using the Society's name, "purported to be a provider of children's vaccines under a program administered by the Philadelphia Health Department's Division of Disease Control" (page 199). A program that, under the umbrella of Medicaid, is funded with taxpayer dollars. The grand-jury report explains that "[e]mails going back to August 2001 reveal that he was suspended from the program repeatedly for failing to maintain logs and for storing vaccines in filthy, unsuitable refrigerators, and at improper temperatures... Chicken pox vaccines were stored in an ice tray above the containers of bloody fetuses... When [the inspector] asked who in the practice treated children, [one of Gosnell's employees] replied: 'They don't come in.'" The inspector told the grand jury that the clinic was "improperly trying to count abortion patients as vaccination patients" (page 202).
Despite her report, Pennsylvania officials looked the other way.
Killing infants is legal. You can vacuum them apart, burn them or crush their skulls with forceps until they are dead, you can inject them with something lethal and then deliver them. There are an awful lot of people looking the other way.

What I worry about most are the consequences of our priests and Bishops who have been looking the other way. I worry about the Catholic multitude who followed Ted Kennedy's career fighting for the right to kill children and watched the spectacle of a funeral put on for him courtesy of the Archbishop of Boston. How many of them now think an unrepentant advocate of killing living children in these ways can earn you the funeral given to a saint?

I worry about the silence from the pulpit that cooperation in an abortion severs you from God and salvation. I worry about the generation who has come and gone and never once heard how to fix that rupture, never been shepherded into repentance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I worry about the skulls of these giddy Bishops and priests lining the floor of hell.

There are over 50 million dead babies marking the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I'm praying for a wake-up call for Catholics. Praying for the end of using our voting power to get out the vote for any politician who supports Roe v. Wade.

We've got to do all we can to put a stop to it.


Anonymous said...

Carol, do you remember the scene in "Scrooge" when he is shown the ghost of Christmas Future? Do you think that the enablers of Abortion, be they Bishops, Priests, Politicians or otherwise, would heed the warning? Somehow, I don't think they would see it as 'real'. They would think it was some kind of dream. Only a picture of Hell Fire shown when they are awake will stir them, and even then I'm not sure.

May God have mercy on their Souls.
Jesus Is Lord!

Anonymous said...

Carol, you should be worried. If the truth be known, the prelates of the Catholic Church in this country are responsible for all of this. Had they been doing their job in the sixties instead of chasing after the elusive evil spirit of Vatican II, there would have been no Roe v. Wade, and there would not be legal abortion today. The late Monsignor George Kelley goes into a lot of this in one of his books.

Remember how much power Cardinal O'Connell had?

God have mercy on us all. I cannot fathom who is holding back His Hand. Or what is stopping Him from striking us with a most severe chastisement.

There but for the grace of God go any of us. And should He withdraw His grace from any one of us, it could be our mug shot next.


Anonymous said...

One more thing, Carol.

I admire your optimism regarding our fellow pew sitters. However, I am of the opinion (as a senior citizen who has a few decades on you) that they are beyond a "wake up call". They either are too apathetic to evil and sin, too desensitized to evil and sin, or both of these things. Worse yet, lest you forget, some of these "Catholic" women are in favor of abortion.


Carol McKinley said...

Tim and Veronica - I don't know how or why we let it get this far--I honestly believe the lack of good catechesis has left women hoodwinked. We need to teach and challenge in the next two years....