Sunday, January 23, 2011

The farce that the Obamas are Christian

I somehow missed this story that the Obamas had a non-religious Christmas and intended to ban the creche last year.

According to the story:

“When former social secretaries gave a luncheon to welcome Ms. Rogers earlier this year, one participant said, she surprised them by suggesting the Obamas were planning a ‘non-religious Christmas’ — hardly a surprising idea for an administration making a special effort to reach out to other faiths.

“The lunch conversation inevitably turned to whether the White House would display its crèche, customarily placed in a prominent spot in the East Room. Ms. Rogers, this participant said, replied that the Obamas did not intend to put the manger scene on display — a remark that drew an audible gasp from the tight-knit social secretary sisterhood. (A White House official confirmed that there had been internal discussions about making Christmas more inclusive and whether to display the crèche.)”

Thus, putting an end to the farce the Barack Hussein is Christian.

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Kelly Thatcher said...

Oh, yeah, Carol, I'm surprised you didn't hear about that! But...never fear. My fellow citizens in Roxbury, some of 'em, anyway, chose the season to decorate our little common with a neon OBAMA IN THE HOUSE to the creche, o' course. ;-)