Monday, January 24, 2011

Rahm Gets Removed from the Ballot


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

This just in! The fish sales industry of Chicago just enjoyed an unanticpated bail-out as an anonymous customer bought out all the fish and had them sent to various and sundry places, but mostly to the Election officials!

Just kidding!

Carol McKinley said...

LOL! Too funny!

What a nice little present today this was!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was. It kind of made up for the Bears loss the day before. But we're not holding our breath here in IL. I am hoping the decision holds in the IL Supreme Ct.

My first thought after hearing was about the fish too. LOL


Jerry said...

Sorry Becky, but I'm on the exact opposite page. This former Wisconsonite was thrilled by the Packers' victory. And I think Chicago deserves Rahm! My sis in Woodridge might straighten me out on Rahm, though.

Anonymous said...

Jerry- You are right about Chicago deserving Rahm- but I am so sorry that that is the reality. He is leading in the polls ahead of people who would actually do something for the City. I don't understand the people here.

Packers should have scored more with how bad the Bears played is how this household is comforting itself. :)

Jerry said...

"Packers should have scored more ..."

Aughh - I'm still recovering from when Rodgers threw it right to Urlacher.

Looks like Rahm is on the ballot. The machine wins every time.