Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get the hook

Listening to Barack Hussein's state of the Union, one hardly recognizes the country he says we're living in. Wall Street is bustling and the economy has turned around.

Got that?

Our future looks even brighter - biomedical research and clean technology, initiatives to protect our planet, supercomputers and electronic vehicles, clean coal and natural gas, better internet access to 98% of all Americans, better railroads, new train stations and offramps, "all paid for", he said.

That's what he said, it will be all paid for. "By you" was what he didn't say.

He said he's getting ready for the day when 80% of Americans will be riding a high-speed rail. Think about that. Where the heck are we all going?

Oh yeah, and free education and IT jobs for illegals.

He does big things this guy. Big things. And, he says he's going to do it without accruing any debt. The 3.5 trillion dollars later he said all the money to pay for it is going to come from cutting domestic spending. He might have tipped his hand. Said he is going to "merge and consolidate government". Everyone clapped. We're all going to sacrifice and struggle to meet the demands of the new age he said.

And good luck to the gays, he says he's going to proactively recruit them into ROTC programs, just as he's finding creative ways to defund our military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff didn't stand up or clap. That was the highlight of the evening for me.

Was it me or was McCain a little too giddy?


Anonymous said...

Carol, did you miss the part where he said he'll "VETO any Bill with ear marks"? NOW that would be the change I'm looking for! Too little too late...I must say it was easier to watch w/o Nancy smiling in the background the whole time!

breathnach said...

Carol, you have a much stronger stomach than I do.

I have not watched more than two consecutive minutes of BHO since his inception on the national scene.

Anonymous said...

OUT - Innovate
Out- Educate

OUT with Obama!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Terriorist will start taking the Train now, no pat downs

wooo woooo

Carol McKinley said...

oh yeah, the veto bills with earmarks - LOL. The man is shameless. Harry Reid explained it today - it was meaningless way to spur applause and all for show. Maybe they figure their constituents are too stupid and lazy to do their homework and will take them at face value?

Breathnach - it was painful. But with teenagers I wanted to be up on what he was saying just in case something he said was pitched in such a way in the newspaper to trick them. I don't take any chances with letting him influence my children but one can never be too careful~!

My youngest sent me a text message last night from college asking me if I was planning on watching Pinocchio's nose grow.

Gotta love that. :O)

Anon, I thought the same thing when he tried to pitch pouring billions into choo choo rides and talking about the lax security. Not too bright that one.

Anonymous said...

Carol - tell your youngest, it's not the nose it's the ears that grow!
Shame shame on me...

Anonymous said...

Military officials are officially forbidden from standing, clapping, or otherwise showing endorsement.

(you dumb cunt)

Carol McKinley said...

You may want to rewind the you tube and take a look at their faces. Surely a rocket scientist such as yourself wouldn't miss their sentiments lie with those of us who are repelled by Obama's buffoonery.

Booberryman said...

Carol, military members do not show endorsement of anything related to politics and are in fact explicitly forbidden from doing so. That was a pretty serious "herp derp" moment on your part.

Also, you clearly need to do some more homework on high-speed railways before you laugh at "such a stupid choo-choo idea."

Anonymous said...


"military members do not show endorsement of anything related to politics and are in fact explicitly forbidden from doing so"

Well then, they certainly violated this policy because you can clearly see their disgust. That's why the the MSM zoomed over to them.

That's Carols point.

There's no herp derp, twerp.

Nobody gives a crap about how much faster wealthy executives can get from New York to Washington. The little people are starving.

booberryman said...

its booberryman
please remove your head from the gutter, and stop making a reference to children's breakfast cereal (http://www.i-mockery.com/booberry/starwarsboo.jpg)into something related to breasts.

also a rail system is so people can afford to get long distances more cheaply than airfare and with lower costs for fuel/cargo etc. derp?