Monday, January 3, 2011

I got a first class Relic of St. Thomas Aquinas today!

My new year got off to a pretty amazing start when in the wee hours of the morning, a colleague stood at my door and asked me if I knew who St. Thomas Aquinas was.   I thought he was going to ask me a question, but he went on to tell me that he wanted to give something that was from his family who he knew it would mean something to and I was the first person he thought of...and he handed me the relic.  I started stuttering and stammering  "This is a first class relic!!!""   He said "yes".    I told him the significance of it and told him he should keep it, but he was not convinced and I graciously and enthusiastically accepted.

I put it on my rosary beads and it is hanging a few inches from my heart where I have been venerating and praying for the many petitions and intentions of friends, family, colleagues, blog readers and for God's will for the Catholics in our diocese and our country.  

I am overwhelmed.  The Tenth Crusade and our community of believers, warriors, militants and friends has a Relic of St. Thomas Aquinas...

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Ron Garcia said...

St. Thomas is my Patron! That is amazing! I want to touch it!