Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bishop Hubbard's Squash

I just don't understand what goes on inside of the head of a Bishop who has spent his career recklessly undermining salvation.  This one has had a long, long history of leading the way into gehanna for the souls placed under his tutelage.  

How do you turn a blind eye to this and not feel your accountability to Christ weighing down on your head?   These two souls are starving to death in front of him and he not only ignores it, he raises them up as examples to follow.    Your soul has to be pretty steeped in fecal matter to be able to pull this off with enthusiasm as a guardian of salvation.   What a tool.

Every time I see something like this, I am reminded to pray for (and with) the people who crossed my path that loved Christ enough to know the value of a soul to Him.     Arming us with the tools to save us from ourselves...what a gift they have given us....


Anonymous said...

A perfect example of the Church Milquetoast in action (or rather lack of it).

Anonymous said...

Two more bishops of the Church Milquetoast:

Nevada: 2 bishops celebrate special Mass for new pro-abortion governor

Catholic World News
January 04, 2011

Bishop Joseph Pepe of Las Vegas and retired Bishop Philip Straling of Reno concelebrated a special Mass preceding the on January 3 inauguration of Brian Sandoval, a pro-abortion Catholic, as governor. During his homily, Bishop Pepe advised Sandoval to maintain “a closeness to the people we serve. We have to listen and we have to listen carefully.”

“The governor takes his faith personally, and it’s important to him,” a senior advisor told the Las Vegas Sun. “I am pro-choice,” Sandoval proclaims on his web site.

Anonymous said...

Carol, to answer your question, there are several possible answers.

1. Bishop Hubbard truly believes that what he is doing is the right thing.

2. Bishop Hubbard lost his faith eons ago.

3. Bishop Hubbard follows a lord, but he is not the same Lord that you follow.

In any event, Bishop Hubbard needs prayers. Many, many years ago, the Wanderer did a series of articles on the Diocese of Albany ("Agony in Albany"). I understand that Bishop Hubbard is a most gracious man. So gracious, in fact, that when you go to him with a diocesan concern or problem, you walk out scratching your head as to why you ever thought ill of him in the first place.

Pray for him. And pray for your brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Albany. Albany makes Boston look orthodox.


P.S. Blessed New Year to you and your family, dear Carol!

Anonymous said...

I have been saying all along that Hubbard is not Catholic. He didn't even set up for the 40 Days vigil this year. Any and all Pro-Life happenings in the Diocese of Albany have to be done WITHOUT the help of Albany. Talk about"Dysfunctional"?
My problem is that I live in that diocese...woe is me. He's been around so long, people don't remember when the Diocese was Catholic. I have a friend whose son wanted to become a Priest. He went to the interview with the Bishop, walked out and went to a totally different Diocese, got appointed by a different Bishop and is now in Vermont. He said he could not, in good conscience, attend the "Protestant Seminary" they have in Albany. Sad state of affairs when your Bishop says it's OK to kill babies by lauding the people that do it and then has the audacity to give them the Eucharist...I hope he is ready when he meets Jesus. I'd be scared S--tless!! And people in my Diocese wonder why I'm so Anti-Bishop Hubbard. Gee...any ideas?
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Kevin said...

Politely ask the bishop why he allowed this to happen.

(518) 453-6611