Friday, January 14, 2011

Pope Names Fr. Chris Coyne Auxiliary Bishop in Indianapolis

Wow...He got out of Dodge!

Good for him!

Fr. Chris Coyne (not to be confused with Ron) is a very familiar character to Boston Catholics.  He was communications director during Cardinal Law's tenure and he has some kind of show on BCTV - I've never tuned into BCTV -- I'm more of an EWTN kind of gal - but I think it's about religious architecture?  I believe he also teaches at seminary.

Several years back, when Walter Cuenin was removed for pilfering and stealing (the only priest in Boston who, instead of being arrested, was given the opportunity to 'pay back' the money that didn't belong to him and was given an assignment (which, in effect, sexually demoralizes young Catholic students at a local Boston College), Fr. Chris Coyne was given the assignment at Our Lady Help of Christians.   Parish "Voice of the Faithful" thugs tormented and tortured Fr. Coyne and after a terrible time there, he resigned.

I don't think we see eye-to-eye on some things but I very much liked him.  He is an honorable and ethical man who really loves our Lord and His Church.   He's got a ferocious sense of humor (one of the few Catholics in town who may be more sarcastic than I am!).   He's compassionate, bright, pastoral in the true sense of the word.    I'm glad for him.  God Bless him.


Excellent round up on this and the (ad nauseum) inaccuracies from the Boston Globe from my colleagues at Boston Catholic Insider


Lynn said...

Is Fr. Coyne conservative and traditional?

Carol McKinley said...

I haven't spoken to the man for close ten years. I wouldn't call him traditional, but I do feel safe to say he was faithful to Catholic teaching when I knew him. He had a rare and outstanding gift of wanting to serve Christ with 100% faithfulness to Him and Him alone. The guy had no agendas other than that. When the diocese was on the verge of doing something unsound or harmful to children in ways that celibate men have no way of knowing or understanding and you explained the consequences, he was genuinely open to hearing what you had to say so that his service to God was completely immersed in truth. And, he would bring the message to the table. He was not afraid. He was sane, rational - definitely fiesty but always on the trajectory of wanting to do the right thing above all else. I pray that nothing has jaded or poisoned this precious gift along his way because this is what made him unique. That's what made what the Voice of the Faithful bastards did so egregious. They, who try to put on the face of kindness in what we all have experienced as viscous scoundrels as soon as somebody wants Catholic morals, ethics and sound doctrine taught.

Ugh - you got me going again!

If he has indeed been able to make it through their hostile gauntlets with this gift intact, he will make an outstanding Bishop. I suspect that Christ has taken him out of this hell hole so that he can truly serve in truth and be effective.

Anonymous said...


Just had a friend ask me about Fr.(Bp.) Coyne - I said, "Let me check my friend in Boston."

Glad to hear it! Ain't it a small Catholic world sometimes?

Love you, dear!

Catechist Kevin, in Indiana

Carol McKinley said...

Kevin! Love right atcha. How's things?

It is a small world indeed. Bishop-elect Coyne has a lot of gifts. You may run into situations where you see him getting sucked up into the vacuum. Pick up the phone, email him, meet with him, speak the truth. He does want to see it. I'd trade a couple of ours to keep him that's for sure! :O)

Peace of Christ!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carol!

Well, Bishop-elect Coyne will not be my bishop - but he will be over the seminary that our diocese sends seminarians to. (neighboring diocese)

I am encouraged by these latest appointments.

Let us continue to pray - the Lord will not leave us orphans!

Catechist Kevin

Carol McKinley said...