Friday, January 14, 2011

Adiós Michael Steele

As head of the RNC, Steele had one of two lead political strategist positions in the country.   As such, he was responsible for picking out the tome for who would be recruited and funded in the 2008 election.   He was too out of touch with the grassroots to know that the days of doing magical "prolife' makeovers to try to use the prolife vote to elect their proabort fiscal conservatives are over. Gone.  Finished.  He ran a hell of a campaign, literally.  

He stepped aside today (after realizing he was about to lose the election) saying he thinks Americans are ready for something different.

RNC chairman Michael Steele removed himself from the race for his job today after steadily losing ground to his opponents in each round of balloting. "I will step aside," he said before the fifth ballot began, "because I think the party is ready for something different [and not because I am obviously going to lose]."

Maybe, just maybe, the RNC realizes exactly what that "something different" actually is.

I'm still skeptical and I want to see how this affects recruiting a pool of presidential candidates, but this has the potential to be really, really great news for the pro-life movement.    

If only the DNC would do the same.  (Miracles can happen.)


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think a telling sign will be if the Health Care vote happens in Congress this week. It was supposed to happen this past week and I don't buy the lame reason for its postponement.

Carol McKinley said...

Janet, I have feeling they wanted to lobby it.

I'm not putting any stock in the RNC until I see the horses. Talk is cheap. Poster boys come cheap. Show me the horses.