Friday, January 14, 2011

Took My Pulse...

Still too hot to talk about the Cardinal's 'non-discrimination' policy wiping out the remote chance that the few authentic Catholic teachers they hired would actually teach Catholic teaching on sexual morality in the classrooms.  (It really wasn't very charitable of me to call them screwballs...or was it sleazeballs?) I'll be posting on it over the weekend sometime though.

I note in the Boston Globe article that lesbian Mary Ann Duddy spoke for lesbian movement and "women priestesses" (of which she is one) who gave Cardinal O'Malley the thumbs up.  

While I'm cooling down ask yourself when, do you suppose, the last time the following Boston priests told the suckers they suck into their pews the teachings of the Church sexual morality?: Austin Fleming, Ron Coyne, Bryan Hehir, Bob Bowers (is he still on the payroll?), Stephen Josoma, Walter Cuenin, Timothy Kelleher, Paul Kilroy, William MacKenzie, St. Cecelia's, St. Anthony's Shrine, the Paulist Center, St. Ignatius - to name a few?

Let's have the decency to be honest that these priests priests and parishes who actively recruit homosexual families withhold moral teachings to the Catholics while they're picking their wallets.   This kind of spiritual abuse is infuriating really, to this Catholic.     Why are homosexuals and lesbians kept in the dark week after week?  At least the rest of us have a chance to hear what our attractions are doing to our salvation.

This Archbishop can kid some people, but he can't kid people in a state of grace.

There I go again...I'm going to stop talking about this for today before I say something else I regret saying.


breathnach said...


It's difficult to keep your cool in such a situation. We find those who are meant to lead the Archdiocese -as representative of the Church Militant-instead seek worldly acclaim.....

God is not mocked.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks for your mercy breathnach.

I haven't been this disgusted with the Cardinal and his staff for a long, long time. Seeing the devastation they've brought, that is saying a lot.


Jerry said...


It's time to let loose. Have you tried John Lennon scream therapy?
Imagine there's no Cardinal.
It's easy if you try.
No schools to teach us,
all parishes gone bye-bye.

Imagine all the children
happily turning gay!

You say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
Some day we'll chill out,
and Fr. Hehir will have won.

Bad ending ... let's change it.

Anonymous said...

First visit to THE TENTH CRUSADE! Feisty! I like it.


Carol McKinley said...


Nice to meet you and welcome!

Carol McKinley said...

Jerry - you da man!