Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boston Catholics Again Petition Holy See for Intervention in Boston

Is the Pope Forcing a Resignation of Florida Bishop?

According to Eric Guinta, he is.

Recent events in Florida demonstrate not only the present Pope's active commitment to Catholic reform, but the willingness of the Holy See to act on the careful instigation of the lay faithful who petition her for redress of their grievances.

This is the reason why keeping our hand to the plow here in Boston is so critical.

The identity of Catholic schools is not the final frontier for Bryan Hehir's dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. Coming soon are revelations of the agenda of the new pastoral planning committee that echo the matrix of the policy that mandates hostile environments for teaching Catholic sexual ethics and reforming our lives to purity of heart and soul.

It is not good news.

It literally takes less than 30 seconds to send the fax to Rome.

Please, Go to THIS LINK, take the 30 seconds and send the fax.

Send the link to five Catholics and ask them to do the same.

Boston is ground zero. It will not stop here.

We have two choices. We can take the actions necessary to stop them in their tracks here in Boston so that this will not spread, or we can let them put the finishing touches on the farce they are erecting in place of the Catholic Church and it will infest other dioceses.

A lot of work has gone into simplifying it for you. Please help us get the message to Rome. Sadly, when you are reporting corruption, numbers matter.

We would really appreciate the help.



Kelly said...

Philadelphia is next :(

Caroline said...

Quoting the article with regards to the Florida diocese:

"The state is widely known to be a hot-bed for clerical homosexualism, theological dissent, and liturgical abuse,"

I hope Pope Benedict's not yet done with the Sunshine State..The healing here will take years.

I sent my fax..they made it so easy.

Prayer always and

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, there will be a special place in Heaven for saints like you, Leon Podles, Michael Rose and Stephen Brady.

Carol McKinley said...


OOooh, wouldn't that be nice!

I'm just trying to furlough some time out of purgatory!