Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guilt by Remote Association is Wrong

Several readers have sent me the a post on Journey to Therese called "Fr. John Corapi and Fr. Thomas Euteneuer".

In short, the post notes that Fr. Corapi did the foreword in Fr. Euteneuer's book which is used as a springboard for other observations that wind up painting Fr. Corapi as beelzebub.

A couple of things are going on here.

First, the author is a faithful woman whose family had some not to edifying experiences with Fr. Euteneuer's spiritual ministry. While these experiences were not sexual, it's fair to say what she describes could fall into the category of abusive conduct.

As far as I am concerned Father Euteneuer's 'apology' is all the evidence one needs to see to acknowledge he uses power and anger to manipulate. Whatever her experiences, they have left her trust shaken. I have admired her stamina throughout the debacle.

I feel that a couple of things are important about the post to help give it some context.

It's true that Fr. Euteneuer, Fr. Corapi and Fr. Pavone are all high-profile priests. The case is made that Fr. Euteneuer's abuse of a woman during a religious rite translates into painting all priests doing national ministries into something nefarious.

Nobody would deny that Bishops across the US have been silencing priests who evangelize the teachings of the Church locally because people react by threatening to withdraw their money. Some priests are not built to accept the Bishop's bribes because the price of denying salvation to the people is the antithesis of a priest's vocation. Those of us starving for truth and zeal are grateful for the opportunity of priests who travel to feed us the Word.

There's nothing suspicious about this kind of ministry. The idea that there's oversight or accountability to Bishops of priests who work in a parish is not based on reality. If it was, when laity reported corruption, it would be acted upon. When we contacted the Papal Nuncio corruption would be taken seriously. The Holy See would intervene. The fact is, there is just too much corruption within resulting in a system protects the corrupt. It takes a lot of stamina for a priest who went into the vocation to teach the truth to survive.

It is an injustice to take photographs of Fr. Corapi before and after his illness and post them in the context of Dorian Gray with a story about Fr. Euteneuer going on a retreat given by Fr. Corapi and saying you once heard somebody say that they knew somebody who said Fr. Corapi was Fr. Euteneuer's spiritual advisor to somehow implicate him in Fr. Euteneuer's mess.

In the case of Fr. Euteneuer, he has admitted to exploitation. He used his fame to target vulnerable women. It is an outrage.

But it is an injustice to frame two innocent priests who evangelize as suspicious.

I understand why there would be an issue with trust but great care must be given not to blame somebody sharing talent and treasure for what Fr. Euteneuer did.

Evangelism isn't the same as sexual exploitation.


Anonymous said...

Father E did not admit to sexual exploitation.

I think you better go back and reread his statement.

Criticizing Adele, and then making false statements yourself is a bit hypocritical.

Carol McKinley said...


You lost me.
There is nothing 'false' about my statement.

As a priest, performing an exorcism on a vulnerable woman and after she is in a weak state engaging in sexual activity - that is sexually exploiting her.

I used the word sexual exploitation as my definition of what he did.

It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

I read Adele's post and did not at all feel it was suggesting Fr. Corapi was guilty of anything like the gross misconduct of Fr. E. She did ponder aloud whether Fr. Corapi might have known anything about Fr. E's sexual exploitation IF Fr. Corapi was indeed Fr. E's spiritual director. It's a natural question, but perhaps one that should be kept off the blogosphere for now.

However, the general gist of her post I totally agreed with---cults of personality over which the hierarchy provides no checks and balances can be extremely dangerous. Dangerous to not only the faithful but also to the Catholic celebrities as well.

There may be nothing the Church can reasonably do to provide oversight and to ensure accountability for these celebrities, but it sure doesn't hurt to point out the dangers.

Admittedly, I pretty much stay away from all the Catholic celebrities nowadays because our family was badly burned by Maciel and the Legion, and it's just not worth the risk to me to become followers of anybody but Jesus Christ anymore.

And let's face it, that dyed beard IS a bit creepy looking, especially with that tan!!

Carol McKinley said...


I'm very sorry about your experiences with Maciel and the Legion.

There are several dioceses where there is checks and balances in diocese. Where there is a true shepherd.

We don't have that here. And, from the information we are processing from across the country, we are not alone.

The diocese here registered a business so they could at arms length contract with abortionists, made a promise to the Governor they would send the women for abortions in a taxi cab, receive the money from those abortions in a separate bank account.

For over six months the Cardinal and his administration lied about this arrangement in the public square. They said people exposing the arrangement were people doing a disservice to the Church. While giving a hero's funeral to Ted Kennedy!

Nevermind raping children or women, this is about killing children. Killing them. And, we could not get accountability. The Nuncio ignored us as did the Holy See. It was about killing children and This Cardinal and his administration are still in good favor carrying out their destruction of Christ's Church.

I hate to say it, there is no system of accountability that I ever seen. Nor have I ever spoken to anyone else who has seen it. And, I have spoken to very high-raking lay people and good Bishops!

This is why the people in Boston are going to hold feet to the fire and try to get a system of accountability into place.

Withholding money, blogging about corruption, newspapers and suing them is the only system of accountability we have right now.

The good people of Boston have basements filled to the rafters evidencing the lack of accountability.

Fr. Corapi and Fr. Pavone got out of Dodge because they couldn't be effective in the filth and corruption. I don't think they deserve to be whipped.

I don't know anything about the phenomenon of celebrities. I go, I listen, I go home grateful I have been fed and my prayer life and closeness to God is made better through the experience. I turn on EWTN, I listen, I am fed. I grow closer to God.

Some people put emotions into things inappropriately. That's a flaw that has to be handled within ourselves if we find ourselves doing it. The evangelist hasn't done anything to invite those emotions in the cases of Fr. Corapi or Fr. Pavone. They're just out there doing their job.

Fr. Euteneuer DID invite emotions. He nurtured those emotions and then he used them to his advantage.

The post at Adele's has some transference that I would invite you to read again.

Adele's family was taken advantage of by a man who invited and nurtured emotions. But it is unfair to call that phenomenon 'celebrity priests' and suck innocent evangelists into the vacuum.

Putting up a post of a man suffering physical illness and passing along gossip about somebody somebody else once overheard and putting and leading your readers to take pot shots that it's tied in with Fr. Euteneuer is an injustice against Fr. Corapi.


Kris said...

Although I cannot agree with Adele's drastic conclusions, I too was struck by Fr. Corapi's appearance. His beard has clearly been colored, and it did make me a tad uneasy. I greatly admire Fr. Corapi (my tickets are already purchased for Boston), but I always fear that perhaps I might put him on too high a pedestal. A few years ago I met a different priest I had enjoyed on EWTN, and whose books I had read. Unfortunately, he was one the most least humble, arrogant people I have ever met - it was a terrible disappointment. But then it's also a good reminder that humans will always disappoint us.

Carol McKinley said...

He's lost a ton of weight and felt very sickly for a couple of years. Maybe when he came up for air he thought melanin and hair dye would help him look and feel more healthy.

I'd feed him a couple of hamburgers. Maybe even whoppers with cheese and a side of fries.

I think I know who you are talking about - LOL.

That's what I meant about emotions. We watch people on television and when we like what we see, feelings can be generated. It's a little cuckoo when you think about it. I tend to focus on pouring me feelings into content of what's said. I have no expectations. I might stand in line for a blessing but I don't want to know what kind of person they really are as I am sure they are complicated. After watching somebody on television, we have the natural curiosity when we're standing in their presence to try to figure out 'what's this dude's real gig'. I don't do it. I don't want any exchange of anything personal when I meet high-ranking folks. I keep those boundaries tight. Reserved for the real people in my life. It was a learning curve.

I do and have been open to collaborative ventures where I enjoy a bit more sharing and even friendships. I have been blessed by them.

Navigating the waters is like going down a wild river in a boat without a paddle!

Anonymous said...

I met father Corapi. He was very humble and took time to speak with many of us. It cost money to travel like he does and teach the faith, plus he has some assistants I'll bet. Money doesn't grow off trees.

Does anybody know what exactly Father E did?

The devil is constantly tempting and going after priests...I'm confidant of it.

Pray for him and his victims.


Anonymous said...

There was a french theologian a very famous one who wrote a biography of Martin Luther and her used portraits of that time of Luther to show how he degenerated and I must admit the final one did make him a little porcine. I had an kerfuffle with a priest who died his hair black, very black and I asked him to explain a very uncharitable act, where a man was dying of bone cancer a very, very good catholic was cut off from his daughter's presence over the length of his illness by this priest declaring she was not catholic enough forthe teaching job she applied for locally . Did not matter she a doctorate in the skill the job defined and taught at a very much higher university level. I could not understand what kind of pride drove him to dye his hair at his age.

Anonymous said...

I guess one is left wondering why you and your husband continually invited him back if he was causing you so much pain, and why on earth if it was so painful did you attach him to your family by asking him to be godfather to three of your children? Which three I don't think I have seen you post but judging by the time frame of him helping your family - seems at least one of the twins was involved.
This remains a mystery....

Carol McKinley said...

"Adele's family was taken advantage of by a man who invited and nurtured emotions. But it is unfair to call that phenomenon 'celebrity priests' and suck innocent evangelists into the vacuum."

Carol, while you're free to post whatever you want on your blog, the above statement is terribly unfair. You do not know how I was hurt by the man. You make it sound like I had feelings for him. "He invited and nutured emotions." You do not know of what you speak and you incur the same guilt of which you accuse me here. "

Adele, the citation was not about 'you'. Others, besides you, have written me and my conclusion about his abuse of emotions comes from numerous things.

You have on this blog, your own blog, other blogs described in no uncertain terms what you feel is the wreckage from your experiences with Fr. E. because you wanted people to know. While we can't ever experience it in it's fullness, we can get the gist and draw a conclusion. That is, in fact, one of your motives in getting the information out there.

Again, you were by no means my sole source in my conclusion about his nurturing and then abuse of emotions.

Carol McKinley said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I dye my hair.


Carol McKinley said...


I do believe and have repeatedly been supportive of your victimization. I don't claim to know the details but I believe something happened and you were terribly hurt by it. I am not sure what makes you feel that I have abandoned this position because I believe Fr. Corapi's reputation is being unfairly dragged into this.

These are two separate issues.

God Bless you and your family.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

Hair dye for men is just wrong.
It is a crime against manhood.
There is no surer sign of vanity.
I will pray that Fr. Corapi returns to his senses and either shaves or ages with dignity.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Carol, I dye, too.

But if my husband every starts dyeing his facial hair or doing any kind of tanning or manscaping beyond basic shaving and pulling the hairs out of his nostrils, I am going to send him to some sort of remedial masculinity boot camp ;)

Carol McKinley said...

I give up. I don't like the dyed gottee! I don't like dyed hair on men! I was cutting him some slack because I think whatever he was sick with had to do with his thyroid and that can really do a number on your personal appearance. I imagined him looking in the mirror one day saying, whoah, I look like dead man walking, I'm going to scare people!

It isn't evidence he's the devil or has anything whatsoever to do with what Fr. E did during exorcisms - which was my real point in in all!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the blog? When I click on the link, it says it has been removed.

It is a good practice to stay far from bandwagons and those who jump on them.

Good advice too to steer clear of superstar priests. Or superstar lay theologians Or alleged apparitions. Or Mass chapels not in communion with Holy Mother Church no matter how enticing they are.

In short, the straight and narrow works well for me.


Jerry said...

Hi Veronica,

A few hours later, and the blog is still gone. I hope Adele is OK. She seems very impulsive, very emotional.

Argh. Women.

Carol McKinley said...

Jerry - we are a handful aren't we? :)

Adele emailed me earlier today and told me she took down the blog. Not so much over the Fr. Corapi kerfuffle but more because she was feeling the good old boy was at play in all of it. I can second her observation. She wanted to take a step back from it all.

She removed all of her posts -- some of them were really good in explaining what happens when you get caught up with a narcissist. It's too bad they're gone.

Another victim who is a reader shared with me that she thought perhaps it is too soon, the emotions too raw, for Adele to write about it.

She's a good woman,a good Catholic, a good mother, a good wife - she has a strong marriage. She will make it through the gauntlet. I told her she was welcome to post here anytime.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

"Discretion is the better part of valor" - Shakespeare

An acquaintance once suggested to me...
"It is not a man's nature to have emotions about women he doesn't know. Men are not built with the gift of seeing the complexity of a situation about humanity."

At great risk I would like to suggest; Women are not built with the gift of seeing the complexity of a situation about humanity... from a man's perspective.

And on that note; May St. Joseph intercede for Adele's husband as he leads his family through this storm.

Jerry said...

To LCIB, of short memory,

Recall that some woman on this blog said to you:

"Men are not built with the gift of seeing the complexity of a situation about humanity. I was just bringing what he did down to the level where you could see it better."

My quote of the day, from Franklin: "We [men] must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Carol McKinley said...

You guys crack me up!

Carol McKinley said...


Nicely said.

Put your faith in no mortal. Especially when they are bloggers!

Anonymous said...

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

I know quite well who made the statement. I thought it had simmered on the stove long enough to comment on it...

Here's one -

Men who would die together for a cause - should never dye together; just because.

Jerry said...


Now that I reread your post, I see that you are indeed well attuned to the the "complexity of the situation." I think your post is at a level to be well understood by present company.

No dye, agreed. But what about hair replacement?

Carol McKinley said...

"I know quite well who made the statement. I thought it had simmered on the stove long enough to comment on it.."

"Now that I reread your post, I see that you are indeed well attuned to the the "complexity of the situation." I think your post is at a level to be well understood by present company."

Ladies, it seems we have some skeptics.

Sounds like we need a discussion on the Divine endowment of gifts to each gender.

A good portion of the problem with the wizards in the Chancery is that they are unable to think like a mother. The women they have there think like men. It might not even be so bad if they could all think like fathers but they don't even have those gifts.

Adele said...

"A few hours later, and the blog is still gone. I hope Adele is OK. She seems very impulsive, very emotional.

Argh. Women."
Haha, Jerry! Yes, quite. I think I have ADD too. I've dropped the blog, and taken up knitting. I think I shall invite Fr. Corapi over for a chat too. I've got a few bones to pick with him, don't you know? After all there are three vows, not just one. I want to know what's up with the for profit homilies etc. Just ask some questions and the like.

Carol, I've given up dyeing my hair since this whole Euteneuer thing has happened. It's very freeing. I kind of like the silver lining God has provided for me. My wrinkles are another issue and I'm only 39. They say your complexion lightens as you age and so dark hair on a white face is a little jarring. I don't know if that's true, but it's tiring to keep up with all those nasty chemicals -- for me at least. Back to the knitting now.

Anonymous said...

Crocheting is a good hobby.

And needlepoint.

You can always string Miraculous Medals too.

Or make rosaries.

I don't dye my hair either. Too expensive, and I have earned every gray hair I have. Besides, who would I kidding?

Of what interest is this to anyone here? None. Ha! Ha! I may finally be losing the little sanity I have left......


Adele said...

Haha, Veronica. I care about your hair and your crochet. Yes, crochetting is very nice. On another note, why is my computer trying to sabotage my spelling. I will continue to use double consonants before gerunds, and use Canadian spelling go away red dotted line!

Anonymous said...

Adele, while I recall what a consonant is, what a gerund is escapes me.

Someone once tried to teach me Polish. After a short and futile time, I concluded that before I could learn another language, I would have to take remedial courses in English.

So, a grammar illiterate such as myself doesn't even notice your grammatical errors.

God bless you!


Adele said...

Well apparently as I look it up, I used it incorrectly. I should have said the ending to a gerund. A gerund is an english noun with and ing ending. So I go to write counselling and the little line of red dots comes up and wants to make me spell it counseling. Or if I go in another instance to write colour (the English and Canadian version of your color) it gets underlined again as if it is incorrectly spelled. It's a communist plot I tell you. ( :

Anonymous said...

Fr. Corapi Accused of Misconduct

I for one am glad that his superiors have acted to protect the Church. If it is not true, may the truth come forward. If it is true, then the woman who turned you in is doing the greatest act of charity, Fr. Corapi.


Carol McKinley said...


I understand that your experiences with Fr. Euteneuer have jaded you, but if it is one thing we all should be clear about by now, the only thing the superiors in the Church care about and take actions to 'protect' is their bank accounts.

If you've read Fr. Corapi's statement, he is saying the allegations are false. This is what makes it different from Fr. E.

Priests are not to be placed on administrative leave until the allegations are proven to be credible. This standard is not met. All anyone has to do is come along and say something has happened and the diocese will give you money to shut up and remove our priests whether the allegations are credible or incredible. In fact, here in Boston, drug addicts and mentally ill people, God Bless them, who were handed millions by the Cardinal were deemed not to be credible by Martha Coakley - the attorney general.

It is an injustice to say you are pleased that this action is an action that 'protects the Church'.

Anonymous said...

So Carol, you feel it is within your rights to malign Fr. Corapi's superior and accept that Fr. Corapi is telling the truth without knowing all the facts. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

"Priests are not to be placed on administrative leave until the allegations are proven to be credible. This standard is not met."

How do you know if that standard is not met in this case? You must know an awful lot to know the ins and outs of this case, and everything that Fr. Corapi's superiors know and even why they did what they did.

Also interesting.


Carol McKinley said...


I am not in the mood for histrionics. Please take it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Histrionics? How condescending! Another narcissist (Corapi) who has the people mesmerized. Guilty or not of the charges, he has an ego the size of the grand canyon and lives awfully large for a priest.

The Lady of the House said...

By the way, that wasn't me, but thank you, Anon.

God bless,


Carol McKinley said...

Anon, perhaps you were not around for the drama last time in the comments section when I went from a hero to a list of suspected pedophile protectors for some perceived slight. I understand the rollercoaster and I am very empathetic but I sadly have too much going on right now to have the bandwith for it.

The fact that Fr. Corapi's superior put him on leave is not an indication of Fr. Corapi's guilt - nor is it maliagning his superior to say that the protocol is removing priests without getting a handle on whether the accuser has a mental or emotional problem - or both.

Posting that comment in the way Adele did is an attempt to imply that by virtue of his superior removing Fr. Corapi, this is a hint that the allegations have merit. Which is absolutely false.

This is similar to posting that Fr. Corapit wrote the foreword in Fr. Euteneur's book and therefore, it is a sign from the heavens that he was in cahoots with Fr. E's sex ritual. Or, posting a picture of his black beard and then drawing the conclusion it is clearly the Scarlet Letter.

My post about histrionics was preceded by waking up to an email where she got worked up when her comment didn't post and she assumed I had removed it when in reality, it got caught in the spam filter.

Some of us who are stuck in places like Boston very much appreciate priests who have a public ministry and go from town to town where we are all starving for the truth.

What nerve people have, taking a microscope to his owning a home or a boat. Priests can you know. I am equally disturbed by those finding something unhealthy about going to the gym in his spare time - as if somehow this proves to you he is too big for his britches.

This is the proverbial vulture.

The Lady of the House said...

Oh Carol, I hope you're right on the Corapi innocence front. I don't think you are though, that's just my gut feeling. Time will tell.

God bless you,

Adele, the proverbial vulture.

Carol McKinley said...


Gut feelings about Fr. E came from the diocese pulling the rug out from under him and then refusing to answer our questions for months. They came from the statements of HLI people who walked on eggshells when asked. Having gut feelings in this circumstance makes sense.

The people who worked with Fr. Corapi, who certainly are in a position to have witnessed anything screwball, have said the allegations are false.

This is the opposite of the people who worked with Fr. E.

The woman telling the story has been outed as a disgruntled employee who threatened to destroy the career of Fr. Corapi after being fired in front of two colleagues and then beat them up.

Feelings in your gut can come from your past experiences and lack of trust.

I'm open to the evidence. I want to know truth. When grown women who claim to have been part of a big orgie -- who kept quiet until she was fired -- starts off with very low credibility in my neck of the woods. When she faxes something all over town but lays low after the mud hits the fan, her credibility keeps going in the wrong direction.

As a righteous person, I can't be, and I won't encourage others, to ignore truth and justice for people on the witch hunt.

The Lady of the House said...

Well, Carol, the nice thing is that we don't have to figure it all out. Sure, we can talk about it, guess etc. but ultimately its not in our hands. God knows the Truth of it. What did St. Therese of the Child Jesus says when she realized that she was no longer the Novice mistress and didn't have to correct everyone? Something like: "What a relief", in French though, and not in those exact words.
Peaceful night to you.

God bless,

Carol McKinley said...

You have been around enough to know I tell it like it is and I am not going to stop now.

You and others are leaving hints all over the internet that imply Fr Corapi is guilty so you very much want people to "figure it out". People who are righteous have the duty to figure it out, just like we had the dutyvto figure out what went down with Fr e.

You and others want Catholics to be deprived of preachers who will travel to places like Boston to hear what we are deprived of here, because he has a boat and goes to the gym or dyes beard.

I am not going to sit quiet while you and others are out there trying to get people to think he is guilty where at the same time tell people who say there are no goods on him to stop trying to figure it out.

God bless ypu and have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

"The woman telling the story has been outed as a disgruntled employee who threatened to destroy the career of Fr. Corapi after being fired in front of two colleagues and then beat them up."

In a court of law, this witness would be considered a witness for the defense, i.e., an employee of the defendant, not a neutral party. Her statement is hearsay. She draws a salary from the defendant. Even if the scene described by the employee were true, it does not mean the accuser did not engage in drug/sexual activity with the defendant in the past.

It may be the case that the allegations are false, but one statement by a non-neutral party does not mean the allegations have no merit. I'm sure the accuser has her own witnesses. It's just that the process was supposed to be conducted discretely, in private, but Fr. Corapi corrupted that process by going public.

In fact, he's going about this whole thing in a most worldly manner, kind of like his lifestyle, i.e., worldly. Isn't it odd that he used to talk about his rich, fast-paced (red Ferrari) lifestyle, and now he's used the Church to get back to that? Except instead of the red Ferrari he has a tanning bed and a ranch.

I hope the allegations against him are false, but it's disingenuous to dismiss the whole thing based on hearsay evidence from a biased witness. Fr. Corapi is trying to rally his fan base by going public, possibly hoping to intimidate the bishop or witness and effect the process in his favor. Even if he is innocent (and he may well be), I've lost a lot of respect for him due to his lack of obedience and humility. Padre Pio didn't lash out at the Church authorities or witnesses.

Carol McKinley said...

It is amazing and despicable all at the same time for someone say HLI employees are parties to the credibility of the abuse, while employees at Santa Cruz are not to be parties. Some of you even wanted HLI shut down because their observations were so critical to you. Ypu demanded they speak up. The secretive processes were wrong you all said.

It isn't about justice or righteousness to you, it is about how to spin it to make whatever point you feel like making. You don't hope the allegations about hummed are false at all. You don't really care whether they are false or true. You are about the witch hunts. The witch hunts and secrets are dramas that make your life intersting. They give you something to write about.

There should be no such thing as a secretive process. That is what makes what has emptied out the pews. It is just too creepy to withstand.

Padre Pio has nothing to do with this. This is about the corruption that was never fixed. This is about perverts telling pornographic rape stories to kindergarten children instead of doing the diligence on who their employees are sleeping with.

The fix did not fix the actual proble so telling people to mind thrown business and go along with the charade is dysfunctional, disingenuous or both.

Anonymous said...

Carol, with all due respect, you have no right to impute motive to me. I do not have an opinion as to whether Fr. Corapi is guilty of the charges or not, and I have never commented about Fr. Euteneur. It's Fr. Corapi's attitude more than anything that disturbs me. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

But you make a good point that the process in the past was bungled so badly that there was no justice for victims. Therefore, the Church cannot afford to take any allegations lightly, not even against famous celebrity priests. I just wish Fr. Corapi would show some humility and accept the process and not treat it the way celebrities do, i.e., unleash PR agents and lawyers, and go on the attack instead of respecting the Church authorities. I don't know how allegations are supposed to be handled, and you would think that "secretive" would mean discrete and respectful of both parties, but Fr. Corapi made sure it would be a sensation. Obedience means you submit to Church authorities. That means us too.

In the past, victims were thrown under the bus to protect priests and the reputation of the Church. Now all potential victims are going to have their allegations taken seriously and fully investigated - even against Father Corapi, as much as a shock as this seems to be to him, that he should not be above it all.

This is not a witch hunt, and I have no personal stake in this, other than wanting the process to take place in the proper manner so the truth comes out. Some of his sycophants, and even Fr. Corapi himself, seem enraged that he should even be investigated, as though his fame should grant him automatic immunity. If the charges are false, he'll be fully exonerated. No worries.

Carol McKinley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol McKinley said...

If you are seriously asking me to recuse myself from making a judgment about you as you are claiming Fr. Corapi protestations about due process make him guilty in your mind, I will not go along with that charade.

The focus is the pursuit of truth, not silence in the face of corruption, which Chancery rogues like to call obedience.

You seem ignorant of the fact that many falsely accused never get returned. Others it takes over ten years. This system 'worries' righteous people as it is a witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

He has not handled himself in a humble, obedient manner and nothing you say against me can make him appear so.

Carol McKinley said...

You are not forthcoming about your anterior motive though it is patently clear you have one.

When police conduct an investigation, they talk to witnesses and make an assessment before they arrest the individual. They have to first figure out if the story jives or could possibly jive. If the police start arresting people just in case, innocent people who make noise about the process are not violating rules about humility.

The system is still raping our children, women, young homosexually attracted boys. They will go so far as to kill them for a profit and lie about it. There is no internal system for removing them and they ate all laughing all the way to the bank.

People standing up and saying the whole thing is corrupt has nothing to do with violating rules about humility and saying it is, is nuts. It has nothing to do with guilt.

The sin of envy is clouding your judgment.

Carol McKinley said...

Your gripe is really about the fact that hundreds of thousands of Catholics stuck in diocese like mine flocked to hear his forthright messages. Seeing this bothers you. it isn't about our children r Christ's Church being co-opted by lunatics and thieves, your golden opportuniy to kick a "celebrity" around has arrived.

The fix for the perverts and crooks they hire and refuse to be held accountable for it is not acceptable. You really are not interested that all they did was a jig that takes more victims. You are on a crusade and it is your oxygen for your low self esteem. the kicker is you want Catholics to return to the glory days of protecting the victimization with silence and you are making that out to be humility.

Those days ate gonzo.

Carol McKinley said...

For the record, if you wanted the process to take place in the proper manner, you would want some kind of an I.estimation to take place that weeds out allegations with merit from allegations by nutcases before they remove a priest for ten years, destroy hid vocation.

You are full of it.

Carol McKinley said...

I need to turn off word recognition on my Droid!

The Lady of the House said...

Anon, your comments make great sense. Carol, are you OK? You seem to be a little off, attacking people who don't agree with you, calling yourself a righteous person, and then assuming you know the motivation of the heart of the people who have a right to their own very logical opinion. Seriously, are you OK? Don't you have any good parishes in Boston where you can be fed spiritually. When I went there, we visited two and they were just lovely.
I'm unsubscribing from these comments as I'm moving on to more pleasant things. Anon, you might want to too. I don't think you're going to get through here. Great points though!

Carol McKinley said...

Adele, I would imagine this is at least as pleasant as photoshopping pictures of priests to pull into the big Fr. Euteneuer conspiracy, isn't it?

The pleasantries of people who have had enough of the passive-aggressive nonsense and speaking the truth are not "ok"?

Nighty nights and God Bless you. Sweet dreams.