Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jackie Speier's Moment of Shame

Joyce at The Little Way has a great post up about Jackie Speier's shameless misuse of a spontaneous and unstoppable death of a child in utero to manipulate emotions on abortion.

Speier delivered a baby at 17 weeks because her cervix was unable to hold the weight of her child.

She twisted what happened to fit the definition of abortion so she could defend the willful killing of healthy, living children.

Can you imagine the guilt she may have heaped upon women who will (or already have) suffer the death of a child this way?

I lost a child at 15 weeks. The baby died somewhere between office visits to the doctor. I went home to await labor. Two weeks later, it didn't happen. You can't leave a dead child for more than two weeks because the situation can become toxic and life-threatening. I was admitted to the hospital where they forced delivery.

I repeatedly told the doctors and nurses I wanted my child baptized. The OB doctor, the anesthesiologist and the OR nurse all came to me afterwards and told me I scared the daylights out of them in the operating room when, sound asleep, I shouted it out again as soon as my baby was delivered. Each one of them was quietly shaken by the witness to life and redemption.

I've seen a lot of despicable, but to this mother, watching another mother use this tragedy to deceive and manipulate other women for the purpose of Congressional funding for abortion really takes the first prize blue ribbon.

She was rebutting a heroic defender of women and children, Chris Smith on the Pence Amendment. Mike's comments are HERE. (Pence, btw, announced he'll forge ahead with his political career by running for governor in 2012. I understand the decision but I can't help being disappointed.)

Speier's insidious act of injustice against women and children is posted HERE.

God help us.


Anonymous said...

Carol, there are just some women (men also)who don't care whether they murder a baby or not. Did you ever notice, as President Reagan once said, that all those who are in favor of murdering a baby in the womb have already been born? Ask her this question: "What if YOUR mother had decided to murder you?"
Jesus Is Lord!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry for your baby. You should name him, he's waiting for you in heaven.


Carol McKinley said...


Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

You are right - I should name my baby. I didn't because it was before they were able to identify the sex - but I have prayed to him or her from time to time.

So - Thomas Joseph it is.

Thomas (after Aquinas who is so present in my life right now) and Joseph after St. Joseph who has always been present but so often fail to recognize and thank him.

I hope this doesn't read like I used the situation to evoke sympathy for myself. I didn't mean it that way. I was trying to convey how crushing it is when it happens and how nefarious Speier's actions are as a mother who has experienced the spontaneous loss of a child.

Conjuring up a falsehood that what she did was a willful act to end the life of a child is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen in the entire 40+ year history of abortion "rights" movement.

Aside from those of us who see the spiritual manipulation, it could literally put women's lives in physical danger as many women may balk at inducing the life of a dead child thinking it is an abortion.

It is beneath contempt.

I prayed today that TJ intercede for women whose soul and lives have been or will be scandalized by her Speier's actions.


Louise said...


I delivered a still-born infant at 22 weeks. At that time, New York State had a law that all still-borns delivered after 20 weeks had to be interred. We were Episcopalians at the time, and we had a private funeral service in the church followed by a grave-side service. We named our baby John, the gift from God. A few years ago we had occasion to be in that area, and we visited the tiny grave and said prayers.

I wonder what happened to that law in New York. As if we all don't know.

Carol McKinley said...


22 weeks, oh how hard that must have been. I'm so sorry.

Have they done away with that law? I thought that was that law? It was the law in Massachusetts as far as I knew. I'll have to do some diligence.

I remember asking for my baby's remains because I wanted the child to be buried. It had to go to the lab they told me. I said, bodies go to a pathologist after death too but they are released to the family after examination. They wouldn't acquiesce. In the end, I said, you're going to throw my baby in the trash rather than give it to me so it can be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves.

What nerve they have, eh?

I am so upset this viper took these solemn events and turned them into women who willfully kill our own healthy children for the sake of whoring money out of taxpayers to pay for abortions.

The Little Way said...

"I am so upset this viper took these solemn events and turned them into women who willfully kill our own healthy children for the sake of whoring money out of taxpayers to pay for abortions."

Well said! I did not think you were trying to garner sympathy for yourself. I also can't imagine being denied your right to take your baby's remains. People take all sorts of things that doctors surgically remove from their bodies. You weren't asking for a souvenir, you were asking for your child's body so it could be laid to rest with dignity. I know when I worked in the ICU that the lab had to hold on to a baby's remains until the parents signed a release stating they didn't want them. It didn't matter at what point the miscarriage took place. Sorry they made a difficult situation worse for you.

Carol McKinley said...

Joyce, thank you for your comments. They meant a lot to me.

Maybe protocol about how to treat remains depends on the state you're in? At the time, I knew people who asked for their tumors and were given them so it all seemed absurd they deny mothers a right to bury their children. Catholic cemeteries have a parcel carved out for these situations. From time to time, I regret not fighting it because it's probably something that could have made a difference for a lot of families, but I was too devastated to take it on.

Thanks for blogging the story.

Anthony S. Layne said...

Carol: Thanks so much for your self-revelation in opposition to Jackie Speier's ad misericordiam moment.

I've written a couple of times on the Culture of Death's use of emotional blackmail to put their policy initiatives over. At times it seems that both sides spend an inordinate chunk of time playing "pity tennis", exchanging horror stories until the world cracks without getting any closer to a resolution. But there is a qualitative difference, isn't there? They use their horror stories in the service of propagating lies, while "our" horror stories (if I can be so presumptuous) result from the lies being exposed for what they are.

God's Grace be with you, and Thomas Joseph be in His loving care.

Gabriel Austin said...

Have you ever noticed the putti floating around in Italian paintings, often under the Blessed Mother? Where do you suppose they come from?