Thursday, February 3, 2011

Matt Abott's Statement on the Fr. Euteneuer Saga

Matt has issued a statement up here signaling his the fullness of the truth is still not out in the public square on what transpired in the Fr. Euteneur allegations.

Having closely followed this story for a while now, I will say only that I am disappointed in certain aspects of both statements. Pray that the full truth be known, if it be God's will. At this point, however, I'm prepared to move on.

There are several very sad and troubling realities about the culture of secrecy that scandalizes Our Lord's One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

1. The Bishops and their PR machines continue to spiritually manipulate Catholics into believing it is sinful to expose their corruption on matters of sexual abuse.

2. The Catholics in the pews wait like roaring lions to rip the flesh off of anyone who will break the sound of silence.

Here's an educational exercise that every Catholic should take the time to do today. Take a look around the internet to see how Catholic journalists who are characterized as respected covered this matter and ponder these things in your heart.

Most of them ignore the matter so they can rub elbows at swanky events with corrupt Bishops who cover up the abuse of women and children. Others covered the release of Fr. Euteneuer's statement filled with holes and issued a warning that comments would be deleted on anyone who questioned the veracity of it.

The Bishop's restraining orders on who will be respected in the Catholic Church are carried out by lay Catholics in the pews. That's what has always been so ludicrous to me about all the finger pointing that the Bishops are mandating the silence. Lay Catholics in the pews are doing the hand to hand combat as they always have and they always will.

It is not safe to report sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

It's not safe to report corruption in the Catholic Church. That's why the people of Boston have felt like they had to do it anonymously.

To be beautiful and holy or respected in the eyes of the pewsitters, you have to play their games. The trouble is, there's so few of them left, they can't hold up the collapse going on around them.

The irony is, they see the people who have walked away from their circle of cult personalities as the crackpots.

Here is some sanity from the trenches:

Keep your eyes fixed on the Eucharist and do whatever He tells you.


TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

I'm not a Fr. E groupie I think Jerry missed my point completely. You don't have to be a mystic to see that there is a diabolical element to abortion and sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The reality is, if a priest rapes a woman and she becomes pregnant the bastard could become a king, Pope or canonized Saint. The priestly abuse of minor boys on the other hand will remain forever a dance with the devil.
On abortion: It undoes the purity of conception itself. From a biological, spiritual and cultural stance it defines 'the culture of death'. The - something in the air - that one finds outside of abortion clinics is evil. It is the sacrifice on the altar of choice - the pure rejection of God and his creation.

Quite honestly I think you have the means to get and publish a copy of Fr. E's book via the internet. And if you don't I can help.

The Bishops were afraid of the book. To me this is a far more important issue than Fr. E's indiscretions be them mild or criminal.

The 120 page book is going for $400 - $700 right now. In a week it will be $1,500 and in 2 weeks the only place you'll find it will be hidden in a Bishops secret shelf.

You want to right the Catholic ship in America?

Get the book and seek to truly understand the nature of human concupiscence and how abortion played on it to the tune of 50,000,000 dead babies.

Groupie? Jerry, I would smote you upon the head if I could...

Anonymous said...

The only thing you have wrong is the motive for Catholic journalists. As far as I know none of them rub elbows at swanky events with bishops. That's just silly. The simple truth is that they don't want to lose their jobs and telling the truth would show them the door. And they aren't qualified to do anything else - journalism is dying anyway - there are no jobs to speak of. So there they are.

Anonymous said...

Take a look around the internet to see how Catholic journalists who are characterized as respected covered this matter and ponder these things in your heart.

You're right - the respected ones did NOT cover it because there was no credible evidence - aside from Father's statement - that was brought forth. Respected journalists know a story from a bunch of lies and distortions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:30 A.M., there aren't many worse sins than what I call the Pontius Pilate Disease - suffering from human respect - afraid to speak the Truth because of the consequences. How can anyone without a backbone live with themselves? For that matter, how can anyone without integrity "face" Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament?

Fear of job loss is no excuse. If the Truth is being served, Our Lord will see to it that another job is found should they lose their present employment as a consequence of speaking the Truth on His behalf.

For six years now, I have read Matt Abbott's column. I have the utmost respect for him and know that he is going through a bit of a dark night at this time. Hang on, Matt. We have either all been there or are going through it ourselves. Consider how the apostles felt when Our Lord was crucified. All but one fled. No doubt, the apostles that took flight were confused, disillusioned and scared. His crucifixion wasn't what they signed on for.

Carol is on the right track. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and let us draw even closer to His Blessed Mother. We are not alone even though many, many times it certainly seems that way. And pray for perseverance. We are on our way Home. Our life here is our novitiate for Heaven (please God!).


Carol McKinley said...


You are asking women to buy into a book that did not bear out good fruit. I don't undestand the purpose of recruiting interest in a book that, in addition to the abuse that took place, has the sin of avarice attached to it as it's final insult. We don't need the book to know that relations outside of the context of a marriage that is open to life is sinful or that abortion is sinful. We have a wealth of resources for that and all of us working freeing women and children from this nightmare realize the spiritual warfare.

I would examine your attachment to it all in prayer. It isn't gelling for this crackpot but I love you.


You have a good point. The post needs a little tweaking. I'll do that later on this evening as I am on my lunch.

Our Catholic journalists should not have to give up their profession because of this insipid culture as they do much good and they have families to feed.

However there are many who do more than avoid the subject matter. Some if not most, will sell the talking points of the Bishop even when they know they are collaborating in a cover up of the corruption. They need to find ways to pass on those opportunities. That goes over the line.

Further, you only need to check out Mark Shea's post from yesterday to realize that it is much more than trying to earn a living for themselves amidst the sick culture of lions the Bishops have bred. There is a deliberate nature to characterizing people who won't participate in the silence as spiritual and intellectual inferiority.

In spite of the fact that Father's statement contradicted previous statements of HLI, was full of holes and was spiritually manipulative and hostile on its face, it was painted as manly and forthright and he said he would cut off people who would be willing to correct his errors as grudge holders and soul slayers - in a manly way, of course.

He then goes on to make sure this culture of manyly and forthright behavoir of the holy people continues to get set in stone:

So tragic, he says, and the only thing he can think of to do is more prayer.

I don't mean to pick on Mark because at lest he covered it when many of the beutiful people have not corrected their posts idealizing Fr. Euteneuer and his Bishop's spiritual manipulation.

I'm saying there should be some soul searching on going along with characterizing people in the trenches the way he does. It's cowardly and it isn't at all serving Christ or truth.

Carol McKinley said...

"You're right - the respected ones did NOT cover it because there was no credible evidence - aside from Father's statement - that was brought forth. Respected journalists know a story from a bunch of lies and distortions."

But they do not. That is the kicker.

Jerry said...

Hi LCIB. Smite away!

I didn't mean to call you a groupie, unless it fits (ha - smite me again!). It's just that I've seen this sort of thing before. Someone popular comes out with a metaphorical descriptor that pings several charged ideas, e.g., abortion, rape, devil, but doesn't admit meaning according to the common definitions of the terms. Everyone is then free to conjure up his own interpretation. If the inventor repeats this process often, it creates an aura which separates the in-the-know folks from the rest, e.g., Obama. I don't know if Fr. E. got to that point.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is enabling, on an institution-wide basis, real sexual abuse and exploitation of girls aged 13 or so with adult men, according to the evidence Lila Rose has uncovered. There are many good people leading the way to support human dignity right now. We have to pray for the people involved in the HLA situation and continue on with the work at hand.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

Carol, Jerry,
The book in question is out of publication so its potential fruits are unknown. As I understand it, the book is not about sinfulness. The book is about the satanic connection to abortion in America. It is quite a bold claim.
My 'attachment' is to the 50,000,000 dead babies since roe V wade. Have we forgotten them because of one man's outrageous behavior? For me they over shadows any crime perpetrated by one individual.
Jerry...your point on the esoteric walk is well taken - but aren't people who understand that abortion is murder in-the-know and separate from the culture at large?

Again, I should aura you right up-side the head.

Jerry said...

Ha! Whack my aura, will you?

Here's another pro-liferism that used to gag me. At the PP Rosary in Boston, a lady would tie one of those 10-week fetus models to a large crucifix just below Our Lord's feet. Folks found that profound, but it is wrong. Same with Joan Andrews' comparison of the abortion mill to Calvary. That gets lots of folks all woo-ey, but it's horrible theology.

Has the Rosary gone luminous yet? I haven't been there in awhile. Kid duty.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks LCIB and Jerry for your thoughts on this.

Jerry - How are the babies? Hope they're feeling better. I've been fighting something all week myself. Had to eat Claritin to get to work. Wow those things paralyze your brain. There's lag time between when your brain thinks a thought and when it rolls across your lips. I don't know drug addicts can stand it. Blech.

I don't often do the luminous. I don't know why. I did them yesterday. I needed the proclamation of the kingdom desperately.


Jerry said...

Hi Carol,

We're much better, thanks. Only one still has a little lower-GI malaise. But he isn't suffering too much, staying home from school and all that.

I avoid OTC drugs as much as possible, and take no prescriptions (Deo gratias). Even a small bottle of Advil will last 2 years past expiration here. I'm a Vitamin C freak. I take about 10 grams daily, and it helps avoid colds and allergies, especially a vitC nasal spray I make.

Anonymous said...

Three things that the devil uses against us Power, money and sex. The need for power is the pinnacle of the three. With it you get the other two without working up a sweat. Now abortions are very profitable and there is as we all know lots of government funding for this easily done serial killing. Legalize it and fund it and it is easy to do without conscience. Poor Fr E. looks like his bishop has a secondary motive. What is this bishop's stand on contraception and abortion. I think the truth csn be pieced together in this instance providing we do not pick sides until we see all the information and until then seek and wait it out

Carol McKinley said...


You either cannot see the truth when it is right in front of you or you can and you have left your comment to trick others into following the crooked paths you use to lie to yourself about it.

An allegation came into his supervisors that 'poor' Fr. E sexually violated a woman in her darkest hour during a Roman Catholic rite he baited her into believing he would perform to help her.

"Poor Fr. E." plead guilty to the allegation.

After Fr. E left HLI and other women felt safe to do so, they also told officials at HLI they were abused during the rite of exorcism.

Why you have failed to draw a conclusion about Father Euteneuer's guilt and you are instead wondering what the Bishop believes about abortion or sex should be a matter of prayerful reflection because if you can't see this, God only knows what else you are lying to yourself about in your own life.

The release of the despicable statement accusing lay Catholics outing Father's conduct of being malicious crackpots to LifeSite News is all the proof you need to confirm his Bishop is a coward and an untrustworthy sneak.

He sat back for six months knowing there were victims out there watching us all make a martyr out of Fr. E.

There's a force behind the process that doesn't want you to 'pick the side' of truth when it has hit you between the eyes and you will host it for as long as you are willing not to realize it is there and do something to rid yourself of it.

Meanwhile, I would not post anything in comments boxes for others to get tangled into the web.

God Bless.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

This whole Fr. E thing obviously raises some very powerful emotions for good reason.

My only interest from the get-go was the book he just wrote. A book now that is banned, by the bishop...who can't be trusted!

In this cauldron we have abortion, sexual assault, A Bishop, exorcism, a famous Catholic priest (+ or -), 2 victims, the ability to have a public trial via the internet, and a history of deception by those in power and a book.

If the speculation about Fr, E keeping 'a lady' at his parents house is not based on any reality, I concur that it is a crackpot statement.

If 'The rite' was performed in private without a witness or two or it was done imprudently, and he should have known better. As a man who travels a great deal in strange cities he would have had ample opportunity to hook-up with more willing and less vulnerable women. If the allegations are true and done during the sacrament the perhaps 'greater' issue or sin is sacrilege...

Carol McKinley said...


HLI has confirmed that Father admitted to sexually taking advantage of a woman during the rite of exorcism.

After HLI sought and obtained Father E's resignation, several other women reported that the exorcisms performed by Fr. Euteneuer included sex.

I don't know where your detachment is because a mother can never stop thinking like a mother but let me ask you this..

If one of your daughters was among this group of women whom Father performed sex acts on during exorcisms, would you still be out lobbying Fr. Euteneuer as an enlightened source on the subject of the devil?

Maybe you would. Your wife wouldn't, that's for sure.

The books of a spiritual guru who promotes himself on a subject matter and based upon that promotion vulnerable women contacted him for help and he abused them belong in the rubbish.

The excuses people are making to keep Fr. Euteneur on a pedestal disgust me.

TheLastCatholicinBoston said...

OK then fair enough.
I am totally detached from the whole series of events. I am looking from quite a distance and going on the few snippet of information that I have read briefly about. I am not lobbying for anybody. I have no trouble with a long jail sentence etc. as well as compassion and support of victims.

If priest X has the blessing of his bishop to perform exorcism then yes, I would hope he was an enlightened source on the subject of the devil.

If Fr. E is simply another charlatan like Marcial i guess maybe I missed it. He was after all not simply building an international clergy $ machine, he was leading HLI.

You also said "several other women reported that the exorcisms performed by Fr. Euteneuer included sex." You are my only news source on this, but I hope it is understandable that I have difficulty literally comprehending this.

Several years ago in Assisi I was involved in a discussion regarding the traditional Latin exorcism VS the new post V2 exorcism in English. I'm thinking Latin, once again may be the way to go...

Your comment on my daughters kind of hurt. ...a little red flagish actually.

Christ is the only one on my pedestal.

Lauretta said...

I thought this seemed like a pretty balanced comment on this situation from the interim president of HLI:

On many occasions I have stated that our main solidarity should be with those who have been harmed. In this case, this includes our supporters and any whose faith is shaken by this trial. In my role as interim president I am committed to do all that I can to be of assistance. But whatever I can do in this regard totally pales in comparison with the selfless dedication of two of our employees who have put many hours assisting the young woman gravely harmed in this case. May the Lord reward them for their dedication and charity. Also we are grateful for all the work that the bishops and Dioceses of Arlington and Palm Beach have done and are doing to try to set matters right.

Carol McKinley said...


Mea maxima culpa!

I know you want the book out there as a weapon for the Kingdom.I had to delete several comments this morning that were outlandish in their defense of Fr. E. That's where my pedestal remark was coming from.

It is not a man's nature to have emotions about women he doesn't know Men are not built with the gift of seeing the complexity of a situation about humanity. I was just bringing what he did down to the level where you could see it better. You did. I don't think there's any red flags there.

Re his demonology skills -

He did these things in the course of an exorcism which could only mean two things - either he was repeatedly lured into it by the devil, in which case he didn't and doesn't have command over demonology or he took advantage of the women while they were combating the devil.

Either way, it makes his expertise kinda moot doesn't it?

Carol McKinley said...


Thanks - yes. HLI's statements on the matter were very honest and balanced.

Jerry said...

I think Adele has a good point, namely, does HLI bear some responsibility for ignoring signs over the years?

Note the latest statement: "young woman gravely harmed." Father E. was able to hide a very grave transgression from everyone around him?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, I wouldn't waste my time or breath waiting for Mark Shea to do the right thing. He relies on personal attacks, rhetorical straw men and evasiveness. He carried on an obsessive feud with me for six, seven years. During that time, he would enter into any conversation (not concerning him) I had on any Catholic blog and tried to destroy my character. A friend of mine called him, "an ideologue in a small cosmos." The fact that he has the kind of influence that he does among some Catholics just shows how much they are willing to ignore personal ethics for ear tickling, as it were.

Jerry said...

"Men are not built with the gift of seeing the complexity of a situation about humanity. I was just bringing what he did down to the level where you could see it better."

I love it!

Carol McKinley said...


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Many traps come with blogging and it can be a humbling experience. When you act like an ass, there it is for everyone to see.

Jerry, you think? The women were/are not in a good place. How would they be able to see a red flag in the behavior? The onus is on him.

Anonymous said...

I concur re Mark Shea. Not a nice man.

Steer clear!


Carol McKinley said...

Well, what you folks don't realize is, there's a 'hood on the internet. When people write things in the 'hood, their comments section is there for you to say 'Wow, you're amazing!' Then you get welcomed by the disciples, I mean followers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Carol!

You're amazing!!!


Adele said...

Dear Last Catholic in Boston, as to the statement about the woman in the basement being a crackpot statement. I can tell you because I know and have spoken with the woman that it is not. This was the strange circumstance that I came across in the first place that made me suspicious. When I confronted her and him, there was silence. He then wrote back a terse statement that this had nothing to do with him and he had nothing more to say. She eventually wrote back and said it was true, but that she didn't see why it was anyone's business.