Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Calls Obama's Bluff

I fell asleep on the couch a few nights ago with the television going and my computer on my lap. The next thing you know I saw Joe Biden and he was saying he was appointed by Obama to head up the Egyptian transition team.

"I hope I am dreaming this." I said to myself.

The media coverage on this is being manipulated. Yesterday, as Mubarak called Obama's bluff by putting to rest the reports he's arranged his exile and is packing his bags and the government will continue the peaceful path to the already scheduled transition in September.

As soon as he does, Obama is out in the public square saying it isn't good enough to meet protester demands. Mubarak, he said, has not chosen a genuine path to democracy.

Here we were thinking the path of transitioning Presidents out of office was elections in a democracy.

We've been going about this all wrong.

If we get enough people to gather on Pennsylvania Avenue and raise a stink that he get out of our White House, he will meet our demands. This is the genuine path to democracy.

What a crock.

Israel, like the rest of us, is expressing their shock at Obama's sudden tack in Egypt.

It will be interesting to see Obama's reaction now that the Saudi King has told him to sit down and shut up.

According to media reports, the protesters have been wound up to peaceful riots and violence so it should be an interesting day. Keep it in your prayers because whatever Obama's end game is, he's up to no good and it is not going to pan out well for the Judeo-Christian world.


Hamas Congratulates Muslim Brotherhood for the victory of Mubarak's resignation.

"We congratulate the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for this victory," said a Hamas leader, who led a Hamas rally on the streets of Gaza City....

The less influential pro-Iran Islamic Jihad (Holy War) movement said in a press statement that it congratulates Egypt and its people "for this great achievement and this big step,

How long do you think the Muslim Brotherhood will wait before they publicly get into the driver's seat?


Jerry said...

Mubarak is out. The military is in power. Now they'll have "democracy." Then they can start exterminating the Christians.

We've got huge troubles now. We have to get out of Afghanistan. We have to be ready to back up Israel, as much as I dislike and distrust them. We'll have to get ready to escort our oil around Africa, too.

The future: tea party = bad, muslim brotherhood = good. We're toast unless we get rid of our regime, too.

Jerry said...

Here's a interesting article on the desperate condition in Egypt.

"Egypt has no oil, insignificant industry, small amounts of natural gas, and 40 million people who are about to become very, very hungry. Without figuring out how to feed the destitute bottom half of the Egyptian population, all the talk of "models" is window-shopping.

"Many in Israel have been shocked and dismayed by the inconsistency, bordering on amateurism, of the US response to events in Egypt.

"If Obama succeeds in forcing the Muslim Brotherhood into a new Egyptian regime, Mubarak's cronies really would be better off in London exile. That implies a tsunami of capital flight and the disappearance of Egypt's managerial class who, feckless as they might be, nonetheless keep the economy working day by day. As I noted last week, Egypt's $12 billion a year in tourist revenue has gone to zero and would take years to restore under the best of circumstances.

"At this point, Egyptians will begin to starve."

This is extremely disheartening. Pray for Egypt.

Jerry said...

In another article I read on, the author notes the sign of the times that is being overlooked in Egypt. In a country where women dressed western-style, look at the crowds. Women are wearing head covering, knowing who their new masters will be. "Democracy" and FGM are on the way. Egypt could be a third-world muslim hellhole in no time at all.

Jerry said...

The Miami Herald has picked up the Christian angle:

"'We fear that the Islamists will take over, that it will become another Iran,' says the Rev. Timotheus Soliman, the priest at St. John. The church has seen its attendance swell as South Florida’s nascent Copt community has come out to pray for Egypt.

"The fear of fanaticism is one of the reasons the Copts make up a disproportionate amount of the nearly quarter million Egyptians now in the U.S."

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks for these Jerry. They added some great perspective. A whole lot more dangerous than I even want to imagine...