Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obamanomics Redistributing the Wealth of Unions Who Elected Him

More trouble for union workers in Ohio and Indiana.

A vote on an Ohio bill that would end collective bargaining rights for public employees could come as early as Wednesday, a state senator said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Democratic state representatives could stay in Illinois all week to avoid votes on bills they say would harm workers' rights, officials said.

While the massive protests in Wisconsin over proposed collective bargaining limits have been in the national spotlight, debates over curbs on unions also have roiled other Midwestern states.

Aren't these the people who elected Obama to redistribute wealth to people who don't work?

Drink the poison yourself.

I would love to take an inventory of how the crackerjacks who drivel on about taking things away from people who work for them feel about it where the rubber meets the road.

You know what else is fascinating?

Remember all the hoopla about Obama bringing peace and harmony throughout the world?

Has there ever been so much turmoil and hatred in the world under any other president?

Obama's legacy is everyone hates everyone else.


Anonymous said...

I don't recall all the hoopla about bringing peace and harmony throughout the world? ALL I remember is Change! Well dear people of the World & voters for the Obama - It's HERE.

Anonymous said...

"Hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers," Archbishop Listecki said in his Feb. 16 statement, adding it would be "a mistake to marginalize or dismiss unions as impediments to economic growth."

Apparently, the Catholic Church disagrees with you.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one. You must either be from the Chancery or the Jesuits.

Allow me to enlighten you:

You see that picture in the story of androgynous bloodthirsty people?

See how you can't tell if they're women or men but they are screaming so loud with hatred that their veins are popping out of their necks?

That's whose views you hear out of the USCCB.

The USCCB has not been representing the teachings of 'the Catholic Church' for close to 40 years.

Carol McKinley said...

Sure, sure.

Why everyone knows the Bishops are economic wizards.

I don't read the Pilot.

Tell me, Was there any articles about the shuttering of parishes?

The criminal failure in their fiduciary to fund pensions of their employees?

The amount of bankruptcies and parish closings in the United States should tell you these men don't know the first thing about fiscal matters.

The only thing they know less about than economics is the theology of salvation!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so when you disagree with the Church, the Church must be wrong? Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Carol McKinley said...

There are some Catholics out there who sleep around, had abortions, contracepting, cheating, stealing or whatever have you -- who, instead of surrendering their spirit to God and travel on the path to repentance and amending their lives - spend their time trying to contort 'what the Church teaches' to be the opinions of every or any clown who tickles their ears.

"What the Church teaches" is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You'll find nothing in it that mandates the acceptance of labor unions. We are free to opine without any effect upon our state of Grace.

That freedom to opine ends when the official teachings of the Church are clear.

By all means subscribe. I must warn you though, the owner of this blog does not permit commenters to deposit intellectual and theological processing that may scandalize souls. If you are genuinely confused, welcome. If you're here to waste time and make a fool out of the Bride of Christ, you'll be deleted and blocked. There are plenty of Catholic blogs who are desperate for commenters who will be happy to entertain themselves with your drivel. Here at the TTC, we've found we're much better off saying what needs to be said, taking care of our families, friends, our responsibilities and spending what time we can in prayer.

If you need a recommendation for people who waste time and/ or scandalize other Catholics, drop me an email and I'll be happy to provide you with the links.

Enjoy this gorgeous day6!