Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Says He Loves His Children So Much He'd Give Up Anything For Them

I've only followed the Charlie Sheen meltdown a little bit, but from what I saw, he's a seriously deranged individual. I was shocked to learn the mother of his children abandoned them the custody of a home where he is living with two promiscuous women. He described it as a polygamous-like relationship where he scores with both of them in their underpants before morning coffee.

How is it possible that this mother has won a restraining order? She was fully aware of the dangerous hell hold she left her children in. Even after the drunken beatings, she went back and shacked up with the trio. I hope the children are taken way and put into a decent, loving home with two sober parents.

The most outrageous thing Sheen said on his toot?

He said loved his kids so much he would ‘give up’ anything for them.

If the drugs, booze, long line of slutty and drug-addicted women and erratic behavior don’t make his things to give up list for the sake of his children, what exactly is he talking about?

What a pathetic icon for what this world has deteriorated into.


Kelly said...

His ravings on TV are enough for anyone to see that he certainly is a danger to himself and everyone around him. I heard this morning that the kids were taken from his custody and there is a restraining order, to protect them and the mother. I didn't know she was mixed up in it too...ugh.

Lousie said...

I thought that this was the one place I could have gone to and not run into that degenerate. Look at all the publicity he is getting. No wonder he acts as he does. And every time his name or face appears any place at all, it only encourages him. As long as you keep feeding the beast, he will keep performing. Shunning would not be inappropriate. The appropriate response is "Charlie who?"

Anonymous said...


I may have forwarded this movie link before. It is a 1973 film that stars Charlies dad.
I think it is really a great and prophetic movie.
The Dad today is a catholic liberal liberation theology sweat heart.
I wonder if the film is more truth today than fiction.
Charlie obviously has a problem with the 'spirits'. There really is no great mystery involved...completely lost, failed formation of conscience mixed with chemical addiction.

Didn't His brother just finished a film on Jose Maria Escriva?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how much more filth I can take. The world in general and this country in particular have sunk to such cesspool depths it is beyond recognition.

If my age wasn't against me (and my marriage too!), I'd find the most austere monastery and confine myself to it there to weep and do penance for my sins and the sins of the world.

God have mercy on us all!


breathnach said...

Charlie Sheen's dad Martin, was/is a great admirer of Ted Kennedy. I recall him campaigning for him in MA several times.

How ironic that his son has chosen to emulate his icon.

Carol McKinley said...

Kelly - it is a sad situation.

Louise - I'm sorry! Sometimes I read these things and the culture war gets to me. I see the disgust raised in the public square to be for the networks who would probably keep on going making a superstar out of him if they didn't hear the booing.

Anon - you did forward that link. I watched a portion of it and was surprised Martin would be involved with anything so reverent to the Eucharist.

Veronica and breathnach--you're both right on.