Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parents of Fr. Euteneur's Victim Release Statement

Some clarifications about the allegation are made.

Among them are that Fr. Euteneuer has never apologized to the woman, the Diocese has evidence that directly contradicts Fr. E's released statement, the statements from HLI and the diocese do not adequately explain the extent of the abuse, the parents claim to know of two other victims in addition to their daughter, their lawyer claims to know of one additional victim but two settlements by the diocese and the sexual activity was grave and initiated when the woman was "in an altered cognitive and physiological state and at the most vulnerable, both spiritually and emotionally".

The parents also expressed how the insensitivity and gross minimization of Fr. Euteneuer's 'adherents' have made their healing journey a difficult one.
Our daughter's severe difficulties in healing are currently being exacerbated by both the vicious and demeaning statements on the blogs and columns of Euteneuer's adherents and the falsehoods and gross minimization contained in Euteneuer's own (and, to date, only) public mea culpa statement.
The statement from the family appears to be an opportunity to share their pain, at least to my reading of it. I pray it brings them peace.

I am an advocate for priests who are accused because I know so many who are accused falsely. In fact, I know of one priest who fell in love with a woman and another very young priest who visited a prostitute. Both of them wanted to get some help, return to their vocation fully committed to their vows of celibacy - and I support them.

Father Euteneuer's situation is quite different. He admitted his sexual involvement. The architect of his departure was to let us all believe he was being persecuted for his orthodoxy. When victims finally came forward and put an end to the charade, he went on the attack - and he had unmitigated gall to call it an apology. What went down is devastating.

Prayers for all who got tangled up in this web.


Anonymous said...

There is much that has been distorted in this account of the parents - and from one who knows all parties involved, I say, only this, when face to face with final judgment, all and i do mean ALL will need to give an accounting of their actions, lies, and manipulations.

Kelly said...

The recent priest scandals; this one and the Philadelphia ones, are breaking my heart. I love and trust ALL the priests I know, and I don't know how to think about any of this.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks for your important comment. There was one thing that troubled me, in that it claims the diocese reached the conclusion that the details of all victims stories were true.

I don't see how that is possible. Fr. Euteneuer admitted something sexual happened and this is egregious and outrageous. I don't believe that this means every detail that comes out is therefore true.

I thought about it overnight - but in the end, I gave it the benefit of the doubt to mean that whatever Fr. E admitted to, was enough to confirm the veracity of the claim that something sexual happened.

I don't believe though, that the victim or victims in this case can be held to the same standard as Fr. E.


Carol McKinley said...

Kelly, this is so rare. I would not in any way, shape or form let it impact your love and trust for any of the priests you know.

There are some priests out there though whose behavior gives me a funny little feeling inside. Doesn't mean he's a pervert but there's an aura of something that isn't right. Rather than trust those, I trust my instincts. You should too.

I'm sorry about all that is going down in Phili. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Carol but I have to contradict you, where did Jesus ever say to Trust in man? Yes, we must love him but no one should ever place their Trust, body and soul with anyone but God. The Spiritual War is raging to the highest heights. Micah 7:5 Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms;Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. Psalm 118:8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.

Carol McKinley said...

Gotta love my readers!

You're right on and it is so important to say that priests should be transparent so that you do place all of our trust in the Lord.

I guess I meant in the context of trusting he isn't a pervert.

Anonymous said...

"Both Human Life International and the Diocese of Palm Beach have investigated the claims of our daughter (and the diocese also has investigated the claims of at least one additional victim) versus the statement of Euteneuer, and have found the victims' statements to be true, especially in contrast to Euteneuer's claim that he prayed (and preyed) alone with the victims only on "rare" occasions."

I guess I don't really see any reason at this point not to believe the victims? We know that Fr. E lied in his "apology", as even HLI mentioned more than one woman had come forward. Moreover, the way Fr. E defended himself and lashed out at the "crackpots", concerning himself with their sin when he should have been worrying much more about his own, gave me very little reason to extend the benefit of the doubt to this priest.

But I am genuinely interested to know why you doubt the details of the victims? They really have not given out many details, have they?

Moroever, I did not read the above statement as saying that every details had been verified by the diocese and HLI. Is there even any way such details could be independently verified? Let's face it, in priest-abuse cases, unless there was a video-camera present, it's generally a he-said/she-said (or he-said/he-said!).

Am I missing something here?

In this case, I'm much more inclined to believe the she-saids at this point because I believe Fr. E has lost all credibility and is a man with no integrity.

I hope that criminal charges are pressed, if any of the victims can stomach it, so that the court of law can decide.

I do hope this statement by the victims' father will put an end to the further heaping of abuse on the victims by the Fr. E supporters suggesting the women were asking for it.

Kelly said...

Carol- I understood the context of what you said. And thank you so much for your prayers ♥

Carol McKinley said...


I'm really not hitting the bullseye today, so forgive me! I agree with most of what you've said.

I did not mean to imply, at all, that I do not believe the details because I don't know them.

Fr. E doesn't have much credibility in this house. I just meant that sentence citation in the statement struck me as odd. Even if he admitted to sexual activity, it doesn't mean that everything everyone says going forward is truthful.

It felt like a lead-in to me. Like something was coming down the road that didn't have a lot of credibility but the stage was being set by saying the diocese has determined that everything the victims say is truthful. That takes a Canonical trial. Even then, we will never really know because we were not there.

Fr. E's admission does not give carte blanche that what is said happened in the future. I don't buy into that. The allegations have to stand on their own merits.

It is enough to know that he's admitted to inappropriate sexual behavior around his exorcism ministry. The fact that he tried to cheapen what he did by saying he didn't have intercourse with the woman and so it wasn't a sex act -- and the diocese applauded this statement - it is as bad as it gets.

I hope that clarifies what I meant..

Kelly - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, Carol. I didn't read the statement as a lead-in, so I was genuinely confused. Then again, I wasn't thinking at all in terms of a canonical trial when I was reading it, although your statement does remind me that I read elsewhere on the blogosphere that this case might indeed end up in a canonical trial at some point.

I agree allegations must stand on their own merit. I am also grateful I am not in a position to be responsible for figuring it all out.

Carol McKinley said...

"I am also grateful I am not in a position to be responsible for figuring it all out."

Amen to that sister!

Adele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerry said...

Good grief, Adele. I've appreciated your insights, but not after this.

Carol McKinley said...

Wow. This just wasn't my day was it!

I you are misunderstanding what this post says.
I have repeatedly said Fr e has admitted to what I consider to be egregious and I have spent a month helping others understand how serious the situation is.

Being sensitive to victims does not include my silence when others start to get victimized with spurious charges they are somehow responsible for Fr e and their photograph looks like a devil, and you invite others to slander him. Justice requires me to be sensitive to Fr Corapi in the situation I wrote you about. Silence in the matter is not something you have a right to when you are hurting somebody innocent in the matter.

Carol McKinley said...


I'm genuinely sorry you are upset. I don't know how you got the impression that what I have been doing thus far is supporting Fr. Euteneur in these revelations because what I have been doing has been quite the opposite. Up until yesterday, you have been telling me how wonderful I am and I've been minimizing those compliments.

The statement from the family comes across to me as something they needed to do to express their frustration. I welcome this opportunity. This case has been bungled and the response from the pews has been demoralizing. There is no doubt and should be no doubt in anyone's mind that the pain he is sharing is real and caused by Fr. Euteneur - who has fessed up his rituals turned sexual.

But in this statement that is anonymous, he shares his knowledge about other allegations. It is third hand and the victims he references are anonymous. He says that the diocese has reviewed the situation and has determined what these other parties has said is true.

I am not comfortable with that part of the statement. You should not expect me or anyone else to be comfortable with that part of the statement.

Because of that part of the statement, asking people to believe the statement it in its entirety is therefore, an unreasonable demand.

You made the claim on your blog that because Fr. Euteneuer attended a retreat run by Fr. Corapi, and because you used to know somebody who said they heard from somebody else that Fr. Euteneur sought spiritual advice from Fr. Corapi and because Fr. Corapi's appearance has changed - this is is proof to you that Fr. Corapi should be implicated and held accountable for what Fr. Euteneuer did.

This requires people who are just to correct your understanding. As a lover of justice and truth, I felt obligated to do so.

If I understand you correctly, you believe that my rejection of your thesis means I am insensitive to the needs of victims and I take myself too seriously as a blogger.

I am not on board that supporting victims means we must believe everything they want to say without reproach. I am sorry I have disappointed you but what you are doing to Fr. Corapi is wrong.

I made a few changes to the post to reflect my feelings more accurately.

Readers - pray for me - and my family. Somebody has the voo-doo dolls out.

I hope today turns out to be a better day than yesterday!

Kelly said...

Prayers forthcoming ♥

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Kelly!

Anonymous said...

The other victims theory is an interesting one that I hope soon reveals the depths of the distortions at play here. When the behind the scenes antics of the HLI employees who began the failed "victim hunt" is revealed, we shall see the unfortunate fall of yet another pro-life organization, and that may be parallel in tragedy to the suffering already exposed.

Anonymous said...


Prayers that today is a better one than yesterday. It's a dog-eat-dog world on the internet.

I do want to say that if I were the parent of a daughter sexually exploited by this perp and I knew that there were other victims, anonymous though they may choose to remain, and I also knew that HLI and the diocese had found their claims to be credible, I would probably state that in an interview. I would not expect everyone to believe me based on some anonymous interview, but I would definitely put it out there. Why NOT put it out there? As a parent, I would feel that pointing out that there are other victims would both take the heat off my daughter a bit and also hopefully shut up the "trustinfathereuteneuer" kinds of vicious posters who were labeling my precious and innocent daughter a liar and a whore over in the comboxes at lifesitenews. The notion that there are more than one victim and that the revelations haven't really even started might just be enough to give some of those Fr. E supporters a bit of pause before recklessly defending the predator and making fools of themselves on the blogosphere.

The statement--indeed the entire interview-- also puts the heat on HLI to come out with some sort of explanation for their own behavior in light of what is now coming out. That they wrote thank-you tributes to this perp and allowed him to write his own "retirement" essay claiming to be the virtuous priest acting in obedience as a soldier of Christ really does boggle the mind in light of what is now coming out. I can't imagine what those victims and their loved ones must have felt like having to read those tributes knowing what the real story was. Talk about adding insult to injury. I wasn't too impressed when HLI started trotting out the CCC to justify their behavior, either. It's one thing to keep your mouth shut, another thing altogether to write thank-you tributes and allow the perp to write his own narrative about his virtuous behavior when he is actually being fired for gross sexual misconduct and defiling the Rite of Exorcism by using it to spritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically abuse the tormented women who honestly believed he was acting in persona Christi.

Anonymous said...


I will pray for all involved (to St. Catherine of Siena for you!) I know the devil delights to see the disarray in the Catholic community, among pro-life activists and groups, at HLI, among bloggers. Adoration at my parish was canceled today or else I'd be there now.

Adele, you are in my prayers.


Carol McKinley said...

Anon at 9:56 - I absolutely agree that I would probably do exactly the same as these parents have done. I would release it as a shot across the bow of the diocese - saying I am not playing your games and I will talk so you better do what is right from this moment forward. I'd release it as a warning to other Catholics that there is much more to the story and to sit down and wait it out.

But I would know in my heart that the ambiguity of it means that it is a yellow flag. It isn't the document that convinces people with the facts. You've got to give room for people of good will to accept it for what it is.

Ridiculing people who recognize the statement for what it is, is not helpful.

Taking this statement along supporting evidence that another evangelist is tainted that is really nothing more than some talk from somebody you ran into in a grocery store who had a next door neighbor whose cousin saw Fr. E shaking hands with Fr. Corapi at an event - and saying people who are in your corner are insensitive to the needs of victims because they won't accept the entire package - crosses the Rubicon.

It isn't helping the family, the victim or the truth. Even when you add God Bless you to it.

People are hurt - and I understand it all. But I'm not getting on the rollercoaster. I just want to serve God in it.

Anonymous said...

"Ridiculing people who recognize the statement for what it is, is not helpful."

Amen to that one! And I am totally with you on not getting on the rollercoaster.

I highly doubt the parents made the statement expecting everybody to take them at their word--I took it, as you said, as a shot across the bow and a warning to other Catholics.

Truth will (eventually) out, of that I am confident. It's just a travesty that instead of bringing the truth forward right from the get-go, the diocese and HLI played fast and loose with it and in doing so heaped yet more abuse upon the victims and have created a massive scandal.

Anonymous said...

It is a dog eat dog world off the internet too. If it wasn't, things like this wouldn't be happening to the extent that they are.

What a mess! We are reaping what we have sown in the Church.

Kelly, you have to get a grip. Don't you think this breaks our hearts too? The Church was never intended to be our Shangrila on earth. Our Lord's Way is the Royal Road of the Cross. That is the path we must follow Him on. It leads to Eternal Life. Kelly, every time your thoughts go to these things, say a prayer for all priests, and offer your interior anguish to Our Lord through Our Blessed Mother as well for priests.

St. Peter Damian, pray for us! Now here is a saint that lived in wretched times in the Church. What did he do? Prayed, fasted and did penance nonstop.


Kelly said...

Thank you Veronica. I do offer all my sad or confused feelings. However, my grip is fine.

Anonymous said...

If you say your grip is fine, I will take your word for it.


Carol McKinley said...

Did I miss a post from Kelly?

I'm having a hard time keeping up!

I can attest that Kelly has her head screwed on right!

Anonymous said...

I didn't say that her head wasn't screwed on right.

It sounded to me like she was a bit idealistic and it bothered her greatly that a priest should fall from grace. That is the impression I got from her post.

Sorry I said anything.

Kelly is wonderful and all is right with the Church.

Case closed.


Kelly said...

not really sure what exactly Veronica is referring to. Perhaps she thinks I am too upset. One of the named-but-not yet charged priests in Phila. hits VERY close to home, so yes, maybe I am shaken. But as far as I know, I haven't gone over the edge! lol Check in tomorrow and make sure :)

Carol McKinley said...


I'm sorry - it's been a bit crazy on this end for the last 48 hours. I didn't mean to imply you said Kelly's head wasn't screwed on right, that was me being playful.

Speaking of all is right with the Church though, I'm about to put together a post on the crockadile tears ceremony in Dublin.

Carol McKinley said...

peace - and love you all.

Anonymous said...

God have mercy on us all!

What is going on in Holy Mother Church breaks a lot of hearts - mine included. I keep praying to Our Lord and asking Him "Have we had enough yet?" Apparently, He doesn't think so. God's Holy Will be done. He will bring good out of this yet!

Until tomorrow, then, and the crocodile tears ceremony!!

God bless and keep all safe within His Heart!


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

This will not stop until God scourges this faithless, quasi-apostate pseudo-church the way He scourged the idolatrous Israelites and Judeans by sending them into exile. The Church's idols, however, aren't Baal or Moloch. They're monarchistic pretentions, and a sense of superiority and entitlement that breed insitutional isolation from the God (let alone the people) the leaders claim to serve.

Read John 13-15. Then ask yourself if what we are seeing is how Christ wanted "apostolic succession" to be exercised.