Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally Fat Tuesday!

Man, I thought Lent would NEVER get here!

When you are intimately following Christ's journey year after year in prayer, it feels so strange when the Liturgical calendar puts Lent out this far, doesn't it?

I came out of the Manger from my visit with the Holy Family and it's felt a bit like I've been wandering around my spiritual life in low gear.

Last year, I tried to guard my tongue from sarcastic humor. It was a bit like trying to be somebody else!

I'm not sure where I'm going with it this year -- other than the prayer below. I think I'm going to call St. Thomas to the cavern with me and see if he can help burn off my impurities and flaws for a bit.

Enjoy a few indulgences and have a great Fat Tuesday.

O Lord my God, help me to be obedient without reserve, poor without
servility, chaste without compromise, humble without pretense, joyful
without depravity, serious without affectation, active without frivolty,
submissive without bitterness, truthful without duplicity, fruitful in good
works without presumption, quick to revive my neighbor without haughtiness, and quick to edify others by word and example without simulation.

Grant me, O Lord, an ever-watchful heart that no alien thought can lure away from You; a noble heart that no base love can sully; an upright heart that
no perverse intention can lead astray; an invincible heart that no distress
can overcome; an unfettered heart that no impetuous desires can enchain.

O Lord my God, also bestow upon me understanding to know You, zeal to seek You, wisdom to find You, a life that is pleasing to You, unshakable
perseverance, and a hope that will one day take hold of You.

May I do penance here below and patiently bear your chastisements. May I also receive the benefits of your grace, in order to taste your heavenly
joys and contemplate your glory. Amen.


Kelly said...

I know, what a weird year! Lent and Easter so late, kids on Spring Break (hey! it's not Spring, yet!) And next week,the dreaded Springing Ahead of the clock. I can tell you there is no springing in my house for at least two weeks as a result of that. :P

My security word is "galore" Yes, strangeness, Galore, indeed.

Anonymous said...


Wish someone would print that beautiful prayer on the back of a holy card and mass distribute it (send one to His Eminence as well).

I don't know anyone that wouldn't benefit from reciting it.


Carol McKinley said...


LOL. I know what you mean. Hopefully, you can see the grass?

V, I agree, it's a keeper.

Maria said...

Great link w/ some wonderful prayers! As I re-read this, I think: what a masterful prayer. We like St. Thomas Acquinas more and more, don't we?

Carol McKinley said...


Isn't that a great link?

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