Friday, March 4, 2011

Indiana's Bishop Coyne Alienates Faithful Catholics at the Starting Gate

Are any of the Canon's going to be taken seriously or shall we assume Cardinal O'Malley has taught him to trash the entire Code of Canons as he has in Boston?

On denying Communion to politicians whose votes conflict with church teaching:

"I would never deny someone Communion unless they were absolutely deranged or something like that and it is obvious that they shouldn't be receiving Communion. The Communion line is not the place where you deal with whether or not someone should be receiving Communion."
This is like the local police captain in your hometown alienating law abiding citizens and righteous people by announcing he's not going to arrest people for murder.

A prochoice politician robs children of their faith and salvation and babies of their lives.

A shepherd's job is to gather.

Why would you alienate faithful Catholics at the starting gate?

This kind of a statement is nothing but an invitation to rub elbows with the politically powerful proabortion politicians.

The Communion Line is not the place to start the pastoral approach but you do not let somebody like Ted Kennedy go on scandalizing Catholic constituents and pew sitters for decades.

At some point, when it's clear his soul and the souls of people watching him do it are in peril you be a man. You tell him if he shows up, he's going to be denied the Blessed Sacrament. If he tests your boundaries, you do it.

Bishops who say they will 'never do it' place being "liked" by proabort politicians above the salvation of the souls. Period.

What is disturbing to this Catholic is, this priest and Bishop had the makings of a faithful shepherd before Cardinal O'Malley rode into town with Bryan Hehir and poisoned the well our shepherds drink from.

What is left in the vineyard in Boston is heartbreaking. Over a hundred thousand Catholics have stopped going to Church in the last three years.

It was like watching a wild pack of dogs come in and maul our children, family, friends and shepherds.

And the virus is lethal and spreading.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, I belive that the late Pope John Paul II distributed the Eucharist to members of the Italian parliament who were known to support legalized abortion. If that's true (can anybody please document that?), then why should American bishops act any differently? Western bishops are careerist lemmings who are infatuated with their own power.

We don't need a Ratzinger as Pope. We need a Savonarola. Burn, baby, burn!

Carol McKinley said...

Joseph, the whole thing is a mess!

It will be a good Lent.