Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lay Them Off Already!

Too much talk.

There's plenty of people who will work for benefits and salaries based on merit and contribute to their health care plans like the rest of us.


Mr. B said...

All of that is well and good...Take the job until someone comes along who is willing to do the job for less...Seniority is what is at stake...Do we really want to entrust the education of our kids to the lowest bidder with little or no experience? BTW, how many people out there have master's degrees in education? At all? Will these well educated people be willing to work for 30K? Knowing that they will be replaced as soon as they start making more money?

Carol McKinley said...

Mr. B, Love your profile picture.

I agree teachers are underpaid. I think everyone agrees teachers are underpaid.

The politicians used collective bargaining to bribe. The dynamic between unions and politicians is a corrupt political machine. It's organized crime.

Teachers are underpaid while other employees are overpaid.

Breaking the system will allow us to pay teachers what they are worth because the outrageous free perks that are given as favors in exchange for the union's promise of grassroot vote organization will free up cash.

You can kinda call it the redistribution of wealth.