Friday, March 11, 2011

Pee Wee Herman

During the week, after a 12 hour day, I will settle down to answer emails and make phone calls to friends, family,activists, and blog - and I find myself waking up late at night with the computer on my lap, the dog snuggled up and the television blaring - sometimes to the strangest things.

"Suffering Saints!!!", I said to myself a few nights ago as I grabbed my glasses, "is that Pee Wee Herman??!!"

Have you seen him?

If you thought he looked like a freak in his 30s, you've got to check him out as an 50 or 60 year old.

Weirder than weird.

He was bashing Catholicism on Conan O'Brien.

Wasn't he arrested for making children and strangers look at his pee wee?

Hollywood perverts, the gift that keeps on giving. It makes the 'outrage' of this crowd against Catholic priests rather duplicitous doesn't it?

Veronica is going to be mad at me for this post. Mea Culpa Veronica :)


Kelly said...

Frankly, it sounds too frightening to watch.

Anonymous said...

No comment!


P.S. But I must confess that in the 80s I used to watch his show on occasion on Saturday morning (that was before I ditched the television). I thought he was funny. And then I found out what he was...

Carry on, Carol!