Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wizards at theUSCCB Update Bible - Mary Loses Her Virginity

As usual, whenever the Bishops gather a team of Catholics they've trained at their Big Tent Seminaries, they brainstorm up a turd.

Terry has the scoop HERE.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said its 2011 translation of the Bible will omit the word "booty" from a verse and replace "virgin" with "young woman."

The bishops group, based in Washington, said the latest edition of the New American Bible, due out March 9, will be more accurate and more accessible than previous versions,

Among the changes in the new version, which was compiled by a team of 50 scholars and translators assisted by language experts, theologians and bishops, is the replacing of the word "virgin" in Isaiah 7:14 with "the young woman," explaining the original Hebrew word, almah, may or may not refer to a virgin.

We needed a new translation because English is a living language," said Richard Sklba, the retired auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee and part of the New American Bible's review and editing team.

I have a few choice words from the living language - right out of the urban dictionary:

buffoon idiot moron fool stupid imbecile dunce clown dumbass dimwit jackass oaf simpleton dork dolt ignoramus nitwit dipshit loser silly ass twit dope nincompoop joker cretin ***hole jerk dummy dumb boob ninny donkey tool wanker blockhead annoying clod goon chump prat lunkhead dunderhead.

Can't you just picture 50 of their apostates sitting around a table wondering what the word meant?

"The Bible couldn't be prophetic, could it?"

"Nah, let's remove the word virgin."

We better scrutinize it to make sure the word 'Divinity' isn't gone when referencing Christ.

Call this a hunch, but I'll bet if they took a group picture, it would be 45 women who spent three days in Woodstock and a handful of girly men.

The NAB is mandated to be used in the Liturgy, thereby excluding the Blessed Mother's virginity in the Word to the next generation of Catholics.

Lots of luck reading it to the empty pews.

I'll often quote the NAB because finding the Douay Rheims on the internet is a little more work. If you ever see me doing that again, give me a dope slap, will you?


Anonymous said...

You know, Carol, the USCCB has to be totally unaware of what they are doing. After all, they are the "Authority" when it comes to how to translate something into "PoliticalSpeak". Just look at what they said about the CHA and Sr. Keehan...the fact that they are on the same page as her should be enough to indicate where they are coming from. They become more and more irrelevant each day they exist. Time for Rome to step up to the plate and knock some idiots out.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Louise said...

"it would be 45 women over the age of 75"

Uh, excuse me? I think that they are more likely to be about 50. We "over 75ers" have more sense. We remember when the language was beautiful and complex and, as school children, we were required to master it. Our teachers didn't think that we were too ignorant to tie our shoes.

Boy, am I tired of being told that I'm too stupid to understand words with more than one syllable or to understand the contextual meaning of a word with several meanings.

Let's hope that they have done better with the liturgy, but I have my doubts. I fear the worst, although it is difficult to imagine how it could get any worse than the current N.O.

Carol McKinley said...


I hope my readers know that I value the wisdom of age, but you make a salient point.

I seem to be missing a critial ajective there don't I - "woodstock" women over the age of __?

You think the age is 50?

You may be right.

Seems to me women that age got disgusted enough with the antics to follow the men out the servitude door.

I'll have to take a better look at the sea of heads at an archdiocescan meeting.

I meant to identify the breed (brood might be a better word!) who have chased us all out of the Church - not a broad insult. I always think of Bishop Gumbleton age.

This is what I get for putting a post up at 4 in the morning!

You are absolutely right about the novus ordo. This kind of faithless vomiting on Scripture makes it harder and harder every week.

Tim, Yes -- they know what they're doing. Rome will not step in until enough money dries up that they feel they need to move a better fundraiser into the position.

Louise said...

I knew that your heart is in the right place, Carol. Fear not.

"You think the age is 50?

You may be right. "

It may actually be a little older. It is the generation that came of age in the '60s, whose parents had turned themselves inside out to provide as near a perfect world for them as possible, who spent their college years sitting in the college president's office or marching in the streets rather than learning anything worthwhile. It is the polyester pantsuit nuns. It is the VOF leadership age. (The old grey heads who were the pawns of the VOF were sadly duped by the "nice" words such as "voice of the faithful". They just didn't realize that the meaning of "faithful" had changed and it no longer meant what they thought it meant. I'm sure that that title was chosen to attract just such innocents who thought "faithful" meant 'faithful', and they were the ones with the money to support the work.)

Keep up the good work, Carol, you are doing a great job. It it not unappreciated. But, for heaven's sake, Go TO BED. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, DO let me chime in here!

I would say it is my sister's generation. She was born in 1945. But I have to say, too, that the folks in their seventies in the pews of my parish seem to have forgotten what it is to be Catholic. A more casual, liberal and irreverent bunch I have not encountered. And I hold them responsible since they know better.

My generation (Woodstock) is lost (at least those who survived it, some even with their sanity intact!) to the Church. We are missing in action and were caught between two Churches and two worlds. Not an enviable position. Would be better to have no recollection of what once was - our present cesspool would be more bearable that way.

Veronica the Erudite (ha! ha!)

Anonymous said...

The best download for the Bible is the Clementine vulgate Douai Rheims version complete with search

Anonymous said...

I left this out, the link to The Clementine Vulgate project

or the one that was the standard in the 1860's here and in the UK

Louise said...

"A more casual, liberal and irreverent bunch I have not encountered."

Veronica, how about adding "tired", "weary', "worn out", "given up"," thrown in the towel"? stiff in the fingers from arthritic joints, aching knees, hard of hearing--even with hearing aids, shrinking in size and can't see over the shoulders of the oversized men in front of them, suffering through gosh-awful music--but let's not go there.

The "folks in their 70s (and quite probably 80s because they don't look their age) are the generation that fought in the War (WWII and Korea) and, coming home, tried to raise their children with all the advantages that they had not had (being children of the Depression) and having seen the war-stricken children of Europe and Asia); going to college at night, working through the day, to provide those advantages; sending their children to college only to have them indoctrinated by Marxist and socialist professors that they had no idea existed. Pick it up in the '60s when the protesters marched on the streets and freeways with their long, stringy, unwashed hair and wearing ragged jeans, they ran off to hippiedom and communes--Woodstock, destroyed their lives with drugs and sexual licentiousness. It was not what they sacrificed themselves for. At a time when their children were within reach of adulthood they spit in their parents faces and their parents values back at them in contempt. Is this what it was all about, they asked?

Don't be too sure that you know that generation. Not saints, by any means--and they don't claim to be, but probably pretty tired of fighting the good fight. About being liberal? I can't guess. Irreverent? Well, they were brought up in the "golden days" of the Church, so maybe those days weren't as golden as everybody thinks. Maybe they are just trying to get through the rest of it, tired and looking forward to a good long rest.

A little patience and understanding goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

No need to jerk the knee, Louise. "A little patience and understanding goes a long way."

That generation is also responsible for the mess we have in the Church today. And if you think that what we have today is better than what we had back then, you can have it.


Anonymous said...

BUY them up while they're still in print.....
Douay-Rheims Bible - Hard Cover Bonded Leather Edition

Louise said...

"That generation is also responsible for the mess we have in the Church today."

That may be true of the bishops and hierarchy, Veronica, who did, indeed, create this mess we have today. But it is not true for the 70- and 80-year-olds sitting in the pews and having to endure the same banality of language and music that we all have to endure, and they are the ones to whom you referred and for whom I was asking a little patience and understanding.

Carol McKinley said...

My bad. I think Louise is right - it might be more like over 60. I took the reference to age out and put woodstock in. :O)

Carol McKinley said...

Thank you so much for the links to the Douay Rheims and the encouragement to buy one. I think I shall.

Carol McKinley said...

ps - there are a couple of words from the urban dictionary I have no idea what they mean - hopefully they weren't sexual! I did take a few out that were...

Left-footer said...

Carol - Saint Thomas More was less than delicate in the language he chose when debating with Luther.

I am all for a little (or a lot of) robustness when dealing with the enemy.

Keep up the good work and God bless.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Chris,

Nice to see your face.

Jack O'Malley said...

I suppose that in fairness to the USCCB position on strictly linguistic grounds, it should be pointed out that the debate about the dichotomy between the contested Hebrew words has been conducted in scholarly journals for what seems like eons. It's old hat. If the Isaiah cite is the only one at issue, then the girly men and superannuated damsels should be cut some slack.

But that said, the version of the OT quoted by the NT writers was the LXX, whose Greek-speaking Jewish translators used the Greek term, ἡ παρθένος, (parthenos) denoting a virgin. The Greek NT uses that term throughout. Hence Jerome's Virgo. The disconnect here is that to the ancients (and many non-secular non-Western moderns), it was assumed that an unmarried young woman was a virgin. That was verified on the nuptial night before the groom deflowered the bride.

The error of the USCCB is that in projecting a bald contemporary Englishing of the Hebrew term, the doctrine handed down from antiquity of the virginity of the Theotokos may be liable to be impugned. The modernists among the girly men and the spinsters in that Satanic Sanhedrin undoubtedly exult therein.

There is another cogent illustration from the pagan Greek religion: the quintessential monument of Greek religious architecture surviving from antiquity is the Parthenon (ὁ Παρθενών). It was named for the Virgin Goddess Athena and no one from that era miscontrued the attribution of maidenhead to Athens' patroness.

So, screw the girly men and the over-the-hill broads. Technical vigins, the lot of 'em. Great post, Carol, keep the Faith and keep fighting the good fight.

Carol McKinley said...


Nice post.

That they would deliberately change the word to invite speculation about Mary's virginity is what makes it so despicable.

They are a brood of vipers.

Anonymous said...

hmm have they changed REV: 22- 18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall aadd unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the abook of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I acome quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
yAHOO, Come Lord Jesus!