Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doug Kmiec Waterboarding Maltese Officials With His Drivel

Maltese Officials have written a rather embarrassing critique of Doug Kmiec's tenure as Ambassador of Malta.

In short, he is ignoring his duties and wasting all his time writing, and then forcing embassy officials to waste their time reading his drivel.

Based on a belief that he was given a special mandate to promote President Obama’s interfaith initiatives, he has devoted considerable time to writing articles for publication in the United States as well as in Malta, and to presenting his views on subjects outside the bilateral portfolio. He has been inconsistent in observance of clearance procedures required for publication. He also looks well beyond the bilateral relationship when considering possible events for the mission to host in Malta. His approach has required Department principals, as well as some embassy staff, to spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing his writings, speeches, and other initiatives. His official schedule has been uncharacteristically light for an ambassador at a post of this size, and on average he spends several hours of each work day in the residence, much of which appears to be devoted to his nonofficial writings.

At the same time, he has not focused sufficiently on key management issues within the embassy. . .Within weeks of the team’s departure, however, he resumed drafting public essays that addressed subjects outside his purview as Ambassador to Malta and detracted from his core responsibilities. These activities also detracted from the core responsibilities of embassy staff members who devoted time and effort to reviewing and editing the ambassador’s drafts and seeking approvals occasionally after the writings had been submitted for publication from Department officials.

The Office of the Inspector General report is HERE.

It paints a picture of a man who has completely abandoned is duties and his staff.

This recommendation was among several from the OIG:

RECOMMENDATION 1: The Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
should require the Ambassador to report on his efforts to refocus attention on
mission priorities and eliminate his use of embassy and Department resources
on nonofficial writings. (Action: EUR)

Ugh. I hope this doesn't mean he'll soon be packing up his memoirs and bringing them back to the US.


Anonymous said...

Read the links and your post.

You're not that bright, are you?

Carol McKinley said...

Is that you Doug?

Carol McKinley said...

Go P.l.c. ( [Label IP Address]

Lija, Malta, 0 returning visits

OOps, I said that as a joke but it appears the comments came in from Malta (and you know who is there)!

Doug, or whoever you are, we could be stupid and not know it, so why don't you explain it to us?

The Office of the Inspector General released his findings which said Kmiec is holed up in his bunker writing irrelevant things and making people read them, wasting everyones time, instead of performing the duties of an ambassador.

Is some kind of secretive Maltese code that the people of Malta believe Kmiec is a hard working genius doing a fantastic job as an ambassador?

If so, we owe the man an apology. Please clue us in.

Anonymous said...

"Obama, the natural choice for Catholics"

Doug Kmiec

Anonymous said...

that was me -Jasper

breathnach said...

Doug Kmiec: the anti-Thomas More.

Anonymous said...

You really want everyone to believe what you believe don't you! So did Jesus. It is so sad that you aren't donating your time to more valuable pursuit like Jesus. I mean people have a choice and have life that has led them to their beliefs. So why are their beliefs so wrong and yours so right. You aren't so smart! You choose to argue your point instaed of saying what would Jesus do! This is the first and last you will hear from me.


Carol McKinley said...

The last time I will hear from you? How disappointing!

The beauty of repeating verbatim a teaching of the Church is that they are not my beliefs, they are Christ's.