Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mounting Pressure to Have a Trustee Appointed in the Boston Archdiocese

On Monday, Former Chancellor David Smith renewed his request to the Attorney General to takeover the Pension Plan in the Archdiocese of Boston.

His commendable statement is posted at BCI HERE.

This is really extraordinary, as it is the first time I can think of that a high-ranking employee or former employee has been willing to break the code of silence that demands we go along to get along with the clericalism, cronyism and corruption (which feels like organized crime to Catholics in Boston) in the Chancery.

Smith points out what is obvious to anyone that has followed the administration of Cardinal O'Malley: What is published and said by Cardinal O'Malley and his staff can not be taken at face value.

Too many broken promises and outright lies.

It remains an unknown "who" is in control of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Two things we do know:

1. It is NOT the Archbishop.
2. Whoever it is, is too incompetent, corrupt (or both)to continue to 'do nothing'.

Letting the Archdiocese retain the power to control the pension is unacceptable.

The reasons are enumerated in David Smith's statement.

I encourage you all to read it and pray about the situation.

In our Boston Blogger Telephone Conference last evening, I expressed my feeling that the faithful needs to step forward in the public square and join David Smith's call for intervention from the Attorney General.

I believe both the archdiocese and the attorney general need to know know that this is not going away. It will get louder and more embarrassing and quite frankly, and sadly, has the potential to end with indictments.

More on this later, but do check out this well-written story in the Resister, "Boston Pension Troubles".

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Maria said...


I can see you have been very busy and working terribly hard. This is so heartbreaking. Like I find myself saying, often as of late about various disasters in the Church, one has to be of a certain age to understand just how unbelievable this is. It seems I need to add Boston to my prayer list. My silver rosary that my Mother gave me broke yesterday. Too many prayers for the Jesuits.LOL. It is OK. I fixed it and I will back on the job. I wonder how the Cardinal's prayer life is??? Keep at it. Remember: He sees your efforts!!