Sunday, April 3, 2011

Muslims Execute Child Victim of Rape

Earlier in the year, just prior to the uprising in Egypt, Barack Hussein Obama held a secret meeting with muslim Brotherhood which is a group that promotes forced conversions to muslim religion, promotes jihad against the United States, Christians, Jews, has a mission statement of instituting sharai law and is essentially part of al queda.

Why would a man named Barack Hussein ever meet and collaborate with al queda with a group who promotes jihad for Americans? This is a question that is kept out of the mainstream media.

This is the same family who sat 'worshiping' Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright incited hatred for whitey and the Jews every week and called it a religious service. Barack and Michele sat applauding him and liked what he had to say so much, he performed their marriage and baptized their children.

The same family who say they are Christians tried to prohibit Christ's creche and announced they have a non-religious Christmas.

Non-religious Christmas? Isn't that paradoxical?

There are many religious holidays I ignore because I do not practice that religion. They are a non-day to me. I don't act like the day has meaning for me, announce I'm taking the time off but will keep the focus of the season pagan.

I don't get this man nor the phenomenon of people who are attracted to him.

They award him with a Nobel Peace prize for worse than nothing. In addition to being involved in wars in Iran and Afghanistan, Obama has our American soldiers involved in a civil war in Egypt and we are formally at war with Libya. There is turmoil is Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

Barack Hussein Obama couldn't do a better job if he embarked on a quest to sabotage world peace.

He has been shoving the political regime of 'islam' down our throats and has responded to rejection by Americans with his insistence that we ignore the fact that it is a violent political regime which wants to take over the world and force us to bow down to their false god.

He and his followers are disappointed we feel the duty to point these things out. I am disappointed to have to say them. I'm sure others are as well.

Obama is now expressing his outrage at a Florida man who burned the koran and the violence that followed it.

Make no mistake about it, I believe burning the koran is not a very smart thing to do. Burning the koran is going to put our soldiers in harms way. There are a lot of muslims who believe this book authorizing them to kill us all, is a sacred book of instructions. While it is righteous to say it isn't, these are people who murder other people as a form of worship. These are the words written in the koran. This is the shtick.

While it is a step in the right direction to acknowledge these acts, Obama is not owning up to what islam really is.

What Barack Hussein Obama refuses to be honest about, and I have rarely if ever heard him condemn, is that it doesn't take burning the koran for these lunatics to kill for they will even kill an innocent child whom their men have raped to set an example that women are to keep quiet about their oppressive tyranny of rape and murder.

After their religious leader, an 'imam' which is the equivalent of a priest, pronounces her sentence and they publicly lashing her to death, as the final insult, they will announce that she committed suicide.

Why does Obama assist these murderers?


breathnach said...

"The blasphemy murder mob which killed 8 United Nations workers was not comprised of “Taliban,” or other usual suspect “extremists”—just “enraged men,” local Muslims easily aroused to commit acts of lethal anti-infidel fanaticism against non-Muslims seeking to aid their society."

Local Muslim clerics patrolled the streets inciting the mobs with tales of hundreds of Koran burnings.

General Petraeus issued a cowardly statement lambasting the single crazy Koran burner. He failed to condemn the fanatical Muslim murderers.

Our leadership is decadent.

Carol McKinley said...

Just your regular run of the mill muslim guy next door, husband and father, who are upset about the sacred book of instructions to murder.

Decadent is a good word for it. Another good word for it is cowardice?

Carol McKinley said...

They don't need an excuse to roam the streets, drag people out of their homes and viciously murder them. They do it every day, in every corner of the world - for as little as wearing lipstick or getting raped.

This is what the book is about.

Maria said...

It simply mystifies me.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Could it be that the Messiah Most Miserable is of like mind with these rabid lunatics?

Anonymous said...

"Why does Obama assist these murderers?"

Er, Carol, sometimes I wonder about you. Naive you are not....