Sunday, April 3, 2011

Several Junior Promgoers Become Violently Ill From Pot Brownies

Country Club Kicks Out Dopes and Ends the Prom.

North Andover High School's junior prom was cut short Friday night after several promgoers became violently ill after eating brownies baked with marijuana, according to police.

Atkinson police Chief Philip Consentino said the students who became ill had ingested the pot brownies in North Andover, prior to being bused to their prom at Atkinson Resort & Country Club.

"What happened was that before they got on a bus for the prom they were given some brownies that had marijuana in them and when they got here they got violently sick," he said. The chief said he did not know if the students who became ill were the victims of a prank, or if they knew they were eating marijuana-laced brownies.

Massachusetts decriminalized pot, sending the message to children that pot is harmless.

This is the tip of the iceberg on what promoters of this did to the children.

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Anonymous said...

Why stop at pot? Just decriminalize all of them at once and get it over with.

All the "powers that be" want is a bunch of doped up and dumbed down useful idiots at their beck and call.

I asked my husband yesterday however did we let everything get to this point - whether in this country or the church...