Friday, April 15, 2011

The Pathetica of Anne Fox and MCFL

Every time Scott Brown has been forthright about his support for abortion, his opposition to defunding abortionists, Anne Fox and MCFL recalibrate his messages to explain to the pro-life movement how pro-life he is, and how to thank him.

Last month, when Brown said he supported abortion and gave us the signal that he would vote against defunding abortionists because 'it goes too far', Anne Fox sent out her usual and customary damage control for proabortion politicians, explaining that Brown had promised not to fund abortionists and was "with us".

Yesterday, when Brown voted to support funding abortionists, Anne Fox sent out the following:

The vote to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood failed, 42 - 58. Sen. Brown voted against. Yes it is a disappointment. Does it mean that Sen. Brown went against anything he promised before or after his election? No! He promised to vote against abortion funding in its various guises and against embryonic stem cell research. He did not promise to vote with us on Supreme Court nominees but has so far.

The DC defunding will, literally, save 1000 lives every year.

Since they charge for everything and admit they don't need the government funds, defunding Planned Parenthood would be eminently satisfactory but would not stop one of the abortions they perform.

Does this mean Brown's promise during his campaign not to support funding for abortionists has been broken? Don't be silly! He's still with us, she explains. Defunding Planned Parenthood wasn't important after all.

This apostolate has become and enemy of the unborn and truth.


Donna said...

Hi Carol,

I agree with you about MCFL. The Sunday before Scott Brown was elected, MCFL put placards on cars in church parking lots saying that Brown shard our pro-life values.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Donna -- it is what it is.